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TNA Star Abyss talks about Destination America, his former stable, more

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TNA Star Abyss talks about Destination America

Donald Wood, Mike Chiari, and Brandon Galvin recently interviewed TNA star Abyss on Ring Rust Radio earlier this week. Abyss spoke about TNA’s relaunch and move to Destination America, about his stable ‘Revolution’, his decision to join TNA instead of fighting The Undertaker at WrestleMania 19 and more. 

Below are some of the highlights from his interview. Click here to listen to the full interview. 

Donald Wood: The biggest piece of news for TNA was Impact Wrestling's jump from SpikeTV to Destination America every Friday night at 9 p.m. ET. As someone who has been around since the very start of the company, do you feel the transition is good for the long-term success of TNA and how does this compare to some of Impact Wrestling's previous moves from one TV station to another?

I think it's a continuation of the growth of Impact Wrestling. Destination America provides us opportunities that we never had before. I've been around since the beginning. Seeing the growth from the move to Wednesday night only Pay-Per-Views back in 2003/2004, going to Fox Sports, and our great relationship with Spike for almost nine years.

We just stepped up to the first round of TV shows in New York last week and they went fantastic. The locker room really gave it everything we had and I think it showed in the product.

Mike Chiari: There's already been a lot of positive reaction regarding TNA's re-launch and move to Destination America. Having been in New York for the first set of tapings, what was the atmosphere like among the talent, and what were some of the main differences you noticed between now and TNA's previous stint on Spike?

The locker room was excited, it was fun to see it, and be a part of it. Obviously I am in the locker room but to see it and the excitement from everybody from all the Knockouts to the guys it was an exciting time. We hadn't seen each other in a while since we had a little bit of time off.

It's a different network with different expectations and different things that we want to accomplish and I'm sure Destination America wants to accomplish. We are feeling each other out and we're understanding each other's goals. From that standpoint, it is a little bit different but other than that it is very much business as usual.

Mike Chiari: You've been part of quite a few stables over the course of your career, but The Revolution is definitely one of the most interesting due to the mix of veterans and young talent. As a veteran who's been with TNA since the start, do you find yourself imparting wisdom upon and helping along guys like Manik and Sanada?


I do, but Manik and Sanada they are really good. They both are seasoned veterans even though they are young. Both of them have done a lot, they are so intelligent and smart both in and out of the ring. I love the mix of Sanada being Japanese and Manik being more of a high flyer. 

We did some great stuff in New York that you will see in the upcoming shows. I really think the group is gelling and I am really excited about it. The Revolution is going to do a lot of big things in 2015.

Brandon Galvin: TNA has relied on you as a wrestler that can fluctuate between different roles in the company, whether it be in a singles or tag team competition and also in the main event scene. Obviously you've gained great experience through the years as evident by your work, but what are some of the challenges you recall by being positioned in so many spots?

Every day is a challenge when you have a goal in mind or what someone wants to achieve. That is an issue we deal with every time we tape. As a team with John, Dixie, David, Matt we work to accomplish things and that's a challenge every day when we step into an arena for a show. The biggest challenge over the years would be changing my mind sets. The biggest obstacle and challenge was to adapt. Change is hard for a lot of people and a dirty word. 

Donald Wood: Earlier this year, Tommy Dreamer spoke to Steve Austin and claimed the WWE wanted to sign you to fight The Undertaker at WrestleMania 19. Instead, you joined TNA and became one of the top wrestlers in the company's history. Can you tell us your side of this story and looking back now, would you make the same decisions again?

I absolutely 1,000 percent would make the same decision again. I absolutely have no regrets whatsoever. Being a part of TNA since the beginning is something that I am extremely proud of. I'm not saying other places aren't great places to go work, but for me the decision to stay on that occasion and several others is that I love TNA. I am TNA through and through and I always will be.

I wanted to stay there and help build the company, be a part of something that I was with from the ground up. There is nowhere else in the World I could go and say that. That was the reason that I stayed and I have zero regrets. If I was asked to do it over again a 100 times I would do it 100 times.

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