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Belle Delphine accepts about catching feelings for a "viewer" during a paid Skype session

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
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Modified 30 Dec 2020, 20:39 IST

While Belle Delphine has previously confirmed that she has had a boyfriend for over three years, YouTuber SludgeBomb recently posted a video talking about how she also admitted to "catching feelings" for a random viewer.

Belle Delphine recently featured in YouTuber Jack “JaackMaate” Carl Dean’s “Happy Hour” podcast and talked about a range of issues, including the recent obscene video that she posted on OnlyF*ns on Christmas.

During the appearance, she spoke about her boyfriend and said that the two had been together for more than three years.

However, YouTuber SludgeBomb pointed out that even if the existence of her “boyfriend” was under the wraps, she appeared to be flirting with some of her viewers in the past and even admitted to catching feelings for one of them.

Belle Delphine catches feelings for a viewer during a Skype session that he paid for

In the video below, Belle delphine can be seen talking about how she ended up catching feelings for a viewer who was initially paying for “Skype sessions” that she offers to her fans (2:15). 

Charles “moistcr1tikal” White asked her whether there have been any fans that she has ended up falling for, to which she replied rather quickly.


“A 100%, I had this one guy, and he was the one who paid for my Skype tier quite a while ago when I had that. I mean, obviously, I skyped him because he paid for it, and he ended up being a really really nice person and then we kind of like, kept skyping, and it kind of came to the point where we reversed roles. I was asking to skype him and things like that.”

In the video, SludgeBomb talked about how some people might consider this to be cheating, as even if her partner is comfortable with her making money off her body using platforms such as OnlyF*ns, catching feeling for a fan is a different matter altogether.

Of course, Belle Delphine’s fans might not look at the issue as a problem and will not mind knowing that she has actually caught feelings in the past for a viewer like them.

There has been a lot of speculation about Belle Delphine’s boyfriend in recent times. JaackMaate recently spoke about his own observations from the time he met Belle Delphine and her boyfriend.

The YouTuber rated him a paltry “5 out of 10” and said that he was a normal guy, although he appeared to have a bit of “Belle Delphine” in him as well. 

Published 30 Dec 2020, 20:39 IST
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