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How To Make Paper in Minecraft - Ultimate Beginners Guide


Image Courtesy: Minecraft
Image Courtesy: Minecraft

Paper is not as easy to craft as some of the other items in the game, but the effort put in is truly rewarding as the crafter paper could be used to make even more creative items in Minecraft. Maps, books and even fireworks could be created by using paper as the basic ingredient of the recipe.

One option to obtain paper is to acquire them by opening chests in the strongholds. Instead, you could always craft the table be procuring the right ingredients; find below the steps you need to follow in order to make paper in Minecraft.

Create a crafting table

You will first need a crafting table to craft paper. This table could be used to craft numerous others other than paper as well.

To create a crafting table, gather four wooden planks (any type of wood would do) and craft a crafting table. Then, place the item at a desired location on the ground, which will allow you to start crafting more items using complex recipes.

Find sugar canes

You will need at least three sugar canes to make paper. The sugar canes can be found near the edges of water bodies. Once, you get hold of sugar canes, it is advisable to grow the next batch yourself as, in Minecraft, this item is not as abundant as other items.

Craft paper

Once you have three sugar canes, open the crafting box and place three sugar canes in a row, which should allow you to create three papers. Move paper to your inventory so that you could use it for the ways you see fit.

Remember, you need to place all the sugar canes in a row to craft paper.

Minecraft is not a platform-specific game; alongside Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the game is available on numerous other platforms as well. Minecraft: Pocket Edition, on the other hand, is available for Android and iOS devices.

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