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Brie Bella would not want to be called to main roster if she was in NXT

1.58K   //    17 Feb 2015, 12:02 IST
Brie Bella wants more time for Divas

As noted earlier, The Bella Twins were at the Indianapolis Comic-Con this past weekend. During the Q&A, the Bellas were asked about the Divas not getting much screen time, although the women in NXT get to work longer matches.

"If I was an NXT Diva, I would not want to come up to the main roster because you get so much time down there," Brie said. "If you come to the live events, you'll see that we get a lot of time at the live events. When it comes to TV we get so frustrated because it's hard to tell a story in 3 minutes and especially when they want an entrance. You're thinking, 'What? Can you cut the entrance, we want time to wrestle?' Especially after watching the NXT Rival pay-per-view and seeing the girls go 20 minutes, it's like a dream. It's something we'd love and we're trying so hard to get more time. It's a three hour Raw and you can't give more time to the Divas? But, hopefully in the future."

You can check out Brie's comments in the video below at the 6:00 mark.

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