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Matt Striker talks about WWE Release, if Punk vs Lesnar is believable and more

4.19K   //    08 Jul 2013, 10:45 IST

Matt Striker

Wrestling Heels Radio recently interviewed Matt Striker. They sent us these highlights:

How he’s feeling now: “You know, I’ve done I can’t tell you how many interviews. You’re the first person to ask me straight up how I’m doing. Thank you for asking. I’m doing alright. I’ve thought about pulling out a shot gun once or twice. (Laughs) I shouldn’t joke about that.

“But you know what I mean. I sat down and I talked to my spirits and God and stuff and said “what do you have for me next.” The book of Job. That’s what it is. If you don’t know the book of Job go and read it. I’ll never lose my faith.”

If he was been under utilized in WWE the past few years: “No, because what I wanted and what was needed were two different things. And I trusted judgment of management. If they said grab a helmet, grab a bat, and go out and hit… I was ready. Did I want to go out every day: absolutely. But I would always accept their judgment.

“There’s always a reason for everything. I learned that early on. Accept it and see how you can be a part of it and make things better. “Need me to push, pull, ride. Oh don’t ride. The cars too heavy? Ok cool. I’ll stand over here. When you guys come back, let me know.” And in this case, they just kind of never came back.”

If he would go back to teaching: “I said if nothing else, thank God I have my teaching degree to fall back on. It is rewarding. It does have a lot of similarities to being a wrestler and it’s where I came from. You never forget your roots. Just take a couple of classes, re-certify and God willing I should be okay.”

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