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Triple H talks changes in wrestlers over the years, his biggest accomplishment outside the ring

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Triple H is the prime reason behind Talent development

Source: For The Win

For The Win has an interview with Triple H, who discussed being inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame in March. Below are a couple of highlights:

His biggest accomplishment outside of the ring:

"We didn't even have a department called 'talent development' when I came in. It was a concept that I pitched to Vince, that I said 'we have talent relations and all this stuff that we do with talent, but we're not doing anything to develop the future.' Or very little, I should say. And we started a division called talent development that I just grabbed, and Vince thankfully gave me the freedom and the trust and confidence and ability to be able to create this.

"I started a process of creating something from nothing, and I just looked at it from the standpoint of 'if I was 20 years old, and I was trying to make it in the WWE knowing everything I know now, what would I want?' What would I need? What would make it the easiest for me to get where I needed to be? And then I set about creating that system and designing it. We opened up a little less than 30,000-foot Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, partnered with Full Sail college to produce a TV show with us, and NXT was born. We started a recruiting process where we, rather than sitting and waiting for talent to call us, we were going and finding them. We were starting to find out that people were really interested, but they had no idea. Like how do you go about being a WWE superstar? So we created a system and a format for them to be able to do that."

What has caused changes in wrestlers from "a cast of larger-than-life guys to today's more diverse group of athletes":

"It's changed with the world. You can see the differences in the performers in the WWE from the '70s and what those bodies looked like, to the '80s and the '90s with the Hogans and that era, to the Attitude Era, my era and the bodies [becoming] sleeker, faster, more versatile?. As crossfit has become more mainstream, as parkour has become a part of the vernacular, you see these guys that are able to do amazing things that 20 years ago we would've not even been able to think about doing."

Triple H also discussed working with Arnold Schwarzenegger, if wrestlers train differently now than in the 90s, if he wishes he was still wrestling every week and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

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