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5 times wrestlers were busted open and 5 times they bladed 

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The Undertaker and Lesnar were involved in a bloody war inside HIAC
The Undertaker and Lesnar were involved in a bloody war inside HIAC

Professional wrestling has evolved over the course of the past half a century. From being perceived as an evenly contested strongman competition to entering the entertainment realm, the business has gone through a complete transformation.

However, for the most part, the kayfabe aspect of the business was vehemently protected and carefully integrated into what transpired on-screen. But with Vince McMahon taking control of the business, the focus slowly shifted from what transpired inside the ring to a more entertainment-centric product.

One of the tactics the wrestlers have used in the past, to evoke a strong reaction from the audience, was to wear the proverbial crimson mask. While it was sometimes used to tell a story, on other occasions, the blood served as a key ingredient to sell a beatdown or to just amplify the reaction from the WWE fans.

While it was common for the wrestlers to ‘blade’ themselves in the past, there have been instances when the performers were legitimately busted open. 

We take a look at five instances when wrestlers were busted open the hard way and five times when they bladed themselves.

#10 Brock Lesnar eats the ring post and gets busted open

The Beast Incarnate has conquered the worlds of mixed martial arts and professional wrestling; he will go down in the history books as one of the most dominant combat sports athletes of this generation. Lesnar’s accolades might highlight his martial prowess, but the current Universal Champion isn't averse to getting busted open the hard way.

With that being said, perhaps Lesnar’s greatest adversary has been an inanimate object! The rivalry between Brock and the ring post goes a long way. On an episode of RAW in February 2013, Lesnar was on the receiving end of a beatdown at the hands of Triple H. However, the ring post did more damage to Lesnar than any mere mortal could!

Lesnar was sent crashing into the steel post and immediately clutched the back of his head to check if he was bleeding. Sure enough, Brock suffered a gash and was rammed into the ring post once again, and this time started bleeding from his forehead. Brock’s blonde hair soon turned a crimson red, but it helped in putting across the tension between Lesnar and ‘The Game’.

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