Diego Schwartzman Parents

Name Diego Schwartzman
Source of IncomeTennis
Estimated Wealth$ 6 Million Dollars
Nationality Argentina
Residence Buenos Aires, Argentina
Marital StatusNot Married
Popular Endorsements Fila, Head, Peugeot, Voltaren

Who are Diego Schwartzman’s parents?

Diego Schwartzman was born on 16 August 1992 to father Ricardo Sebastian and mother Silvana Schwartman in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has German and Russian roots as his grandparents descended from Europe but traveled to South America and settled down in Argentina. His family was not from a well off background and owned a small clothing and jewelry company. As a junior, Schwartman played tennis at Club Nautico Hacoaj, a jewish Argentine Sports Club which was specially established for Jews who weren’t allowed to train at other sports clubs in the city in the early 20th century. His mother, Silvana sold bracelets at junior tournaments to afford her son’s tennis expenses.

The Argentine did not have an eye-catching career during his teenage years and reached a career high ranking of 217 in the world. He traveled across South America to compete in junior tournaments and recieved funding for his tennis expenses after on-goers noticed his fighting spirit and determination on the court. Even though Schwartzman made only one appearance at a major tournament as a junior (2010 US Open qualifying) he won titles in Bolivia, Peru and Argentina at Future tournaments and continued his development to compete at the highest level. He made his first appearance in the main draw of a Grand Slam tournament at the French Open after getting through the qualifiers. However his stint was cut short as he couldn’t get the better of Roger Federer in the first round in Paris.

Who is Diego Schwartzman’s father?

Ricardo Sebastian Schwartzman is Diego Schwartzman’s father. He witnessed a difficult period in his life as he bore the effects of the Great Argentinian Depression in the 1980’s. The Argentine worked tirelessly as a trader and owned a clothing and jewelry company which did enough business to play for his family's bills. He always encouraged Schwartzman to take part in sporting activities and never shied away from helping his son acquire the resources to develop his skills as a tennis player. An interesting story about Ricardo’s grandfather is that he successfully fled from a Nazi concentration camp in Germany to start his new life in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Who is Diego Schwartzman’s mother?

Silvana Schwartzman is Diego Schwartman’s mother. She introduced her son to tennis at the age of five and inspired him to lead a disciplined lifestyle. Silvana often drove her son for tennis practice in their locality and supported her family in every possible way. She also went for meetings with companies that offered tennis sponsorship to young professionals so that Schwartzman could travel to European countries for better competition without getting worried about the travel and accommodation expenses.

How old are Diego Schwartzman’s parents?

Diego Schwarzman’s parents' ages is still not a discussion as no information confirms their actual age. They are expected to be in their early 60’s.

What nationality are Diego Schwarzman’s parents?

Diego Schwartman’s parents Silvana Schwartzman and Ricardo Scwartzman are both Argentinians.

Diego Schwartzman parents family

Diego Schwartzman has two brothers and one sister. Matas Schwartzman, Andres Schwartzman and Natali Schwartzman. He is also in a relationship with Argentine model Eugenia De Martino who has worked with several footwear and fashion brands and is also an aspiring actor. She recently featured in a Netflix show called ‘ Go live in your own way’. The couple are often seen traveling and vacationing together when Schwartzman has time off from tennis.

Are Diego Schwartzman’s parents still married?

There is no information which suggests that Diego Schwartman’s parents Silvana Schwartzman and Ricardo Schwartzman have separated. They are expected to be married till this date.