Bella twins share diet secrets

Bella Nikki Brie
The Bella sisters, Nikki (R) and Brie

Who Say has a short interview here with The Bella Twins, who shared their diet and workout tips.

"Six days out of the week I do meat, poultry, fish, anything like that and vegetables," said Nikki. "Basically six days out of the week I do no sugar, no starch, no dairy. On the seventh day, I go insane. I do whatever I want from morning to night."

Brie added, "No dieting for me! It's all about enjoying life, but being strict with it. I'm very moderate on what I eat. I'm very healthy. I'm very into farm-to-table, get everything from your local farmers. I stay away from fried and processed food. If I want to have a bad day, I will. But that means the next four days will be very strict."

As noted yesterday, the WWE Network launched in the U.K. and Ireland six days before their scheduled launch date and is available now. One of our readers in the U.K. who used to access the Network using a proxy signed up for the service and noted that none of the content is blocked based on country.

WWE will return to Tuscon, AZ for a live event on Friday, March 20th at the Tucson Convention Center. Tickets go on sale this Friday.

WWE will be returning to Phoenix, AZ for a live event on Saturday, March 21st at the U.S Airways Center. Tickets go on sale next Friday, January 23rd.

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