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Matt Striker talks about WWE bebut with Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Why he carries a William Regal figure

Modified 25 Dec 2013


Former WWE Superstar Matt Striker was interviewed by False Finish Wrestling Radio on the PWKGW Network. Here are some highlights:

Why he carries a William Regal figure with him:

During My time in WWE, Regal was a mentor and a friend and he had been one of my favorite wrestlers and he ended up cooler than I ever thought he would be. The figure reminds me to be as much like Regal as possible. He is such a gentleman and he is so humble yet so tough. It reminds me that you need to be a professional.

The absence of English Influence in American Wrestling:

Hell yeah! Back in the day, when it was all about the Beatles, The Sex Pistols came around and boom: we got punk. There is a place for everything if it is real and people subscribe it. Hell, there is a place for Miley Cyrus.

His WWE debut working with Kurt Angle:

I thought it was a one shot deal. I’m big on faith and I looked up to the heavens and as weird as it sounds, something was carrying me that night. I was in the palm of something much greater than me and that is why that night went as great as it did. It was not human done, it was divine intervention. I never knew it would be a 9 year career.

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood:

I’ve known of them from before I went to WWE. You see the same going up as you do going down. I never burn bridges. They reached out and said they shoot twice a month in Cali and I was on my way there’s lots I love about Cali. It has a great locker room. There are some great wrestlers you need to see like Scorpio Sky, Joey Ryan, Chae Cabera, Afelo, he is 7 foot 5. Adam Pearce is out there. It is great to be able to see them and work in commentary and production and see guys reach their goals.


Dealing with anxiety:

My mom taught me there is a spotlight and if you are afraid of the spotlight nothing will ever happen. You need to get in the spotlight and not be afraid of the moment. My mom taught me that. When I’m Matt Striker, it is safe. It is when I am Matt that I have problems.

His future projects:

I’m happy to wrestle and do the seminars. People from all across the world send me clips and I critique and send them back. Ive been doing acting and stunt work. I just auditioned for and was casted in the new Star Trek Equinox. Even if I’m Dead Klingon Number Three, it’s a way for me to be creative.

Working with CM Punk:

Punk and I are cut from the same mold. Punk is a guy that can just talk wrestling with me like never before. Punk and I really had that connection.

Published 25 Dec 2013, 03:21 IST
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