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Ric Flair Q&A Taking Dolph Ziggler to the next level, Sting in WWE, Miz being a player, Charlotte

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Flair believes in The Miz

Thanks to reader Scott H. for sending in these highlights from Ric Flair's Q&A from his show last night in the UK.

* Flair talked about how wonderful Curt Hennig was as a person and a manager. He said that Mr. Perfect was the perfect choice to be his manager during his initial WWF run. Ric talked about how fun Curt was behind the scenes and how great Bobby Heenan was to be around.

* Ric put over Shawn Michaels big time, saying no one is a bigger fan of Shawn Michaels than Ric Flair. Flair went as far to call Shawn Michaels the greatest of all time, whilst talking to me.

* Ric thinks his daughter Charlotte has so much talent and could become the face of the entire Divas division in the future.

* He said that being Dolph Ziggler's manager is a spot that he has stated before that he wanted, and he still does. A Ziggler / Flair allegiance may be the thing to take Ziggler to the next stage and to keep him there.

* Ric is a fan of the Miz and talks about how there is still time for him to become a major player in the business.

* The plane crash is mentioned, and Ric speaks about how it was thought at the time his career was over. This must have been an emotional and challenging time to say the least for a very young Ric Flair.

* When asked about Sting joining the WWE, Flair said that it is about 20 years too late and he has told Sting that. Flair said that if WrestleMania was Sting's last match, what a fantastic place to have had it. Flair revealed that in 1993 WWE tried to sign Sting and Sting re-signed with WCW.

Flair still has a few more shows on the tour, you can get more details here.

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