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Shawn Michaels talks Shelton Benjamin, asking Vince to go to WCW, Ziggler; JR on keeping HBK in WWE

Modified 02 Jul 2015
Shawn Michaels & JR 

As noted, Wrestling Inc. correspondent Scott H. was at "An Evening with Shawn Michaels" in Manchester, United Kingdom last week. The night was originally supposed to be hosted by Jim Ross, but JR and HBK did the show together on stage. Below are the final set of highlights from the Q&A from Scott:

* Shawn is asked about Marty Janetty. He said that Marty is working here and there in New Jersey and is spending a lot of time helping out in the gym with the kids. He says Marty was a fantastic athlete and that he was an extremely good babyface.

* JR talks about how talented HBK is because he could tag with Marty Jannetty, wrestle singles in the early 90's, go through the Attitude Era and then evolve once again to be Shawn Michaels of the 2000's.

* A lot is talked about with HBK and JR's meeting at Shawn's home in 2001. Shawn's WWE deal was going to end and it was JR who convinced Shawn to stay. JR told Shawn that his knowledge and experience would be so worthwhile backstage. JR wanted Shawn to help younger guys and mentioned Randy Orton, John Cena and Edge.

* Shawn is asked about if he nearly joined WCW. He said that apart from going to Kevin Nash and asking questions here and there, he was never really close. He says that he once asked Vince McMahon and Vince told him no, and he said that Vince was right.

* Shawn was asked about his greatest superkick of all time. He talked about the Shelton Benjamin one and said that all the credit is due to Shelton.

* JR talks about how talented and what a nice person Shelton is. He was so frustrated that WWE just couldn't unlock him, he says they couldn't find the tune for Shelton's music to play.

* JR talks about how it is nice that Shelton gets a mention, he says Shelton was recruited by him and sent to OVW with Cena, Randy, Brock Lesnar, Batista and that Shelton was easily the best athlete out of the whole bunch. JR makes the comment that WWE are making a lot of cash out of the talent he got signed.

* Shawn was asked about what he thought of Dolph Ziggler using his super kick as a finisher. He said that everyone in wrestling steals moves from everyone else, and there there is no original move left anymore these days. Shawn talks about how he used some of Ricky Morton's moves when he started in the Rockers and doesn't have a problem with anyone using the super kick.


? JR talks about Mick Foley's near death bump at King of the Ring 1998. He says that Mick is feeling the effects of his hardcore career today and that he really thought Mick was dead that night.

For the first set of highlights, which included Jim Ross talking about Brock Lesnar not wanting to end the streak and Michaels discussing why he left WrestleMania 30 early, click here.

For the second set of highlights posted last weekend which featured Michaels talking about turning down a "major role" at WrestleMania 32, Eddie Guerrero rumors, beating Ric Flair at WrestleMania, a rumored Randy Savage feud and more, click here.

Published 02 Jul 2015, 14:31 IST
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