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Detailed WWE NXT results - 04/03/15

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The NXT duo competed in yet another show-stealer

Thanks to reader Wayne Mason of Masons Ringside View for sending us these results for tonight's episode of WWE NXT:

Party Guru Adam Rose returned to the NXT arena complete with a bevy of new rosebuds to take on Tyler Breeze. It was a short match that was surprisingly one sided that saw Rose display much of his trademark shenanigans before he was met with a Beauty Shot out of nowhere giving Breeze the victory. The highlight of the match was watching Tyler Breeze interact with the rosebuds entering and exiting the ring.

That was followed with another short match as Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton took on tag champs Blake and Murphy. Dawkins and Fulton of Shoot Nation have gelled well as a team and have been putting on some good matches at house shows, but this one would be a shorter match to showcase the new champs. Murphy landed a brainbuster on Dawkins followed by Blakes frogsplash for the win.

The trend continues with another short match as Baron Corbin squashed Tony Briggs without so much as breaking a sweat. Afterwards Kevin Owens makes his way over to the announce table to antagonize Alex Riley who is trying his best to ignore Owens and do his job. Owens the grabs Rileys water bottle, takes a big swig and dumps the rest on Rileys head. An irate Alex Riley jumps to his feet but Jason Alberts holds him back. Kevin Owens saunters off, meanwhile and incensed Alex Riley storms away.

Next Bull Dempsey takes on Solomon Crowe. Dempsey dominated much of the match while Crowe managed to get in short bursts of offense, at one point even body slamming the big man. In the final moments Bull sought to end it with a flying headbutt which Crowe avoided, laid out Dempsey and finished him with a boing splash. A nice official debut for Crowe, and more bad luck for Dempsey who can't seem to catch a break these days.

Next, yet another awesome match between Charlotte and Sasha Banks for the title. These two have developed such a chemistry with each other and can produce top quality matches practically every time they meet. The action was fast and furious and back and forth, but as the match wore on it seemed to be swaying more and more in the favor of Charlotte. In the end she attempted a Natural Selection off the top turnbuckle but Banks held tight to the ropes sending Charlotte crashing to the mat. Banks then rolled her up for the pin with her feet on the ropes for added leverage.

Photo credit: John Jewel via Wikipedia

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