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Basketball Rules and Regulations

If you buy a book related to the rules of a basketball game, there will be hundreds of things in it that we hardly encounter in our daily tournaments. So this article aims to make you aware, without any confusion, of the basic rules followed in the game of Basketball.

This is indeed a complicated topic, not only because there are so many rules in basketball, but also because these rules change depending on where we are playing the game. For example, the regulations in the FIBA(international) games differ from the those followed in the NBA.

General Rules:

1) Basketball is a game in which five players from each team play at a time on the basketball court.

2) The aim of the players to score a basket by putting the ball inside the hoop elevated 10 ft above the ground.

3) The team with the ball in possession is the team on the offence, and the opposite one is the team on defence.

4) Once the offensive team has the ball, they have 24 seconds to shoot it towards the basket. If It fails to do so, the team on defence is awarded the ball.

5) There can be a total of 12 players on the team roster, but only five can play at a time.

6) The game of basketball consists of four quarters of 10 minutes each, and if scores are tied at the end of it, there is a five minutes’ extension called “overtime”.

7) The scoring rules are simple. If you shoot from behind the arc, you will get three points whereas shot from inside the arc receives two points. Also, each free throw is worth a single point.

8) A player playing on the court can be substituted from the players on the bench by the coach. A coach can make an unlimited number of substitutions.

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