Tom Brady’s Agent Don Yee

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has been an iconic figure in the NFL ever since he was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 2000 NFL Draft. One of the most underrated people behind Brady’s success has been his agent, Don Yee. We take a look at Don Yee and how long he has been a driving force in Brady’s career from behind the scenes.

Who is Tom Brady’s Agent Don Yee?

Donald H. Yee is Tom Brady’s long serving agent and one of the most known agents in the NFL. Don Yee was born in Sacramento, California in 1960. He was born into a Chinese-American family and his tryst with sports started in 1974 when he was 13 and worked as a batboy for the Sacramento Solons. The minor league baseball team was a major influence on Don Yee.

He became a sports agent in 1988 after graduating from the University of Virginia School of Law. Don Yee’s biggest break as an NFL agent was with none other than Tom Brady, who he started representing in 1999. Brady was still a quarterback at Michigan when Don Yee signed him. Don Yee has been with Tom Brady even before he started his career in the NFL and both of them achieved monumental success together.

How long has Don Yee been Tom Brady’s Agent?

Tom Brady has had only one agent throughout his NFL career and that is Don Yee. Don Yee’s role as Brady’s agent dates back to 1999 when Brady was still a senior at the University of Michigan. It has been 23 years since Don Yee signed Tom Brady.

Don Yee has been a very important part of Brady’s career. Brady has even said that Don Yee is a great advisor to him. One of the highlights of his management of Brady’s career was during the Deflategate controversy. When the controversy shed light on Brady’s apparent role in the deflation of footballs, Don Yee put pressure on the league to look into the science of deflation rather than Brady destroying his cell phone. He also downplayed Brady’s contact with the coaches who were considered as the major perpetrators of Deflategate.

Don Yee is Brady’s super agent and has been excellent in managing him through the meteoric rise in his career.

What is Don Yee’s Net Worth?

Don Yee’s net worth is estimated to be around $22 million. He represents some of the biggest names in the world of football and he also owns a sports management and consultancy firm called Yee and Dubin. Yee and Dubin handle contract negotiations, career guidance and marketing for NFL stars and golf players too. Tom Brady is one of the biggest clients on their roster along with others like Jimmy Garroppolo and Julian Edelman.

What is Don Yee’s Salary?

Don Yee earns an estimated amount of over $2 million annually. His monthly salary is around $175,000. Don Yee has garnered great success in sports management and he earns as an agent for athletes.

What athletes does Don Yee manage?

Don Yee’s biggest client is Tom Brady. Brady and Don Yee have had a successful relationship for over two decades. Apart from managing the superstar quarterback, Don Yee also has other successful NFL players and coaches on his management roster. Here are some of the players and coaches managed by Don Yee:

  1. Tom Brady- Quarterback, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  2. Jimmy Garroppolo- Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers
  3. Julian Edelman- Wide Receiver, New England Patriots (retired)
  4. Sean Peyton- Head Coach, New Orleans Saints (former)

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