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Colin Kaepernick

Personal Information

Full Name Colin Kaepernick
Date of Birth November 3, 1987
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m)
Role Quarterback

Colin Kaepernick News

Colin Kaepernick names 2 college football coaches in letter to the New York Jets
Colin Kaepernick names 2 college football coaches in letter to the New York Jets 
Stephen A. Smith ends hopes of Colin Kaepernick's return to NFL after latest plea to NY Jets-"That ain't going to happen"
Stephen A. Smith ends hopes of Colin Kaepernick's return to NFL after latest plea to NY Jets-"That ain't going to happen"  
Revisiting Colin Kaepernick's draft class: How many players had a more eventful career than the former 49ers QB?
Revisiting Colin Kaepernick's draft class: How many players had a more eventful career than the former 49ers QB?
Colin Kaepernick NFL settlement: How much did $10,000,000 agreement affect ex-NFL QB's net worth?
Colin Kaepernick NFL settlement: How much did $10,000,000 agreement affect ex-NFL QB's net worth?
J. Cole and Colin Kaepernick criticized by NFL fans over request letter to Jets: "It’s just getting shameful"
J. Cole and Colin Kaepernick criticized by NFL fans over request letter to Jets: "It’s just getting shameful"

Colin Kaepernick: A Brief Biography

Colin Kaepernick, a former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, has had a significant impact both on and off the field. In August 2016, he attracted attention when he knelt during the playing of the national anthem. The San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers were playing in a preseason game at the time.

Due to questionable circumstances, Kaepernick's NFL career was cut short for one game. But since then, he has drawn attention from all over the world thanks to his advocacy. A recent Netflix series called "Colin in Black and White" highlights significant events in Kaepernick's life. We examine the documentaries and television shows that have followed Kaepernick's life.

Rather than his on-field accomplishments, Kaepernick is hailed as the most significant athlete of the twenty-first century for his impact off the field. With his display of togetherness, Kaepernick transformed the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and motivated a sizable population to fight for their rights.

Colin Kaepernick Early Life and Background

Kaepernick was born on November 3rd, 1987 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to a caucasian mother and an African-American father. Kapernick though grew up with his adoptive parents Rick and Teresa Kaepernick. In school, Kaepernick was proficient in basketball, football, and baseball. He led his school football team to their first playoff victory and became the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Central California Football Conference.

Kaepernick’s bright football career in school earned him a football scholarship with the University of Nevada, Reno. Kaepernick initially received scholarships for his baseball accolades as a pitcher in school, but he decided to play football. Kaepernick started his college career in 2007. As the team’s quarterback, he finished with over 10,000 passing yards, 82 touchdown passes, and 59 rushing touchdowns as well.

Colin Kaepernick Draft

Colin Kaepernick was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2011 NFL Draft. He was picked in the 2nd round as overall pick number 36. The San Francisco 49ers had traded with the Broncos to get the 36th overall pick in the 2011 Draft, to sign Colin Kaepernick.

Colin Kaepernick NFL Journey

Kaepernick was picked by the San Francisco 49ers with their second-round pick during the 2011 NFL Draft. During his first season, he sat as a backup to quarterback Alex Smith.

It was only during his second season when Kaepernick took over the reins for the 49ers. As a dual-threat quarterback, Kaepernick racked in the passing yards while also being a threat while running the rock. Kaepernick’s ability suited the West Coast offense which extensively employed the run-pass option.

His best season for the 49ers came in 2014 when he registered a career-best of 3369 passing yards and 19 passing touchdowns. He signed a six-year contract extension worth $126 million in 2014, with the 49ers.

His career with the 49ers started witnessing a decline in 2015 as he struggled at the beginning of the season with a low passer rating and accuracy problems. He sought a trade-in in February during the 2016 season but later told reporters he was only evaluating his options.

Colin Kaepernick made history on August 26th, 2016 when he decided to bow down for the national anthem before the 49er's preseason game with the Green Bay Packers. Kaepernick continued to bow down for all the preseason games, citing solidarity with the African-American minority and the systemic harassment faced by them.

In the 2022 NFL offseason, Kaepernick has seen training for the NFL and even shared training videos with Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett. There had been rumors about his return to the NFL but it remains unlikely.

Kapernick has been out of action since 2016 and his last season as a player was already dismal. NFL teams are on the lookout for young quarterbacks who are actively in the game even if they may not possess the natural ability of Kaepernick. Kaepernick has already been in and out of controversy with the NFL board and his lack of game time made it unlikely for the quarterback to be back in the 2022 NFL season.

Colin Kaepernick Teams

San Francisco 49ers (2011-2016)

He played as a backup quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers from 2011 to 2012 after being selected in the second round of the NFL Draft. He was outstanding all season long in 2012, and he finally guided the 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII. They were defeated 31–34 by the Baltimore Ravens. Colin guided the 49ers to the NFC Championship game in 2013, when they were defeated by the Seattle Seahawks.

In the 49ers' third preseason game of 2016, Kaepernick opted to sit instead of standing for the playing of the American national anthem.

It was a show of defiance against the nation's institutionalized tyranny, police brutality, and racial injustice. Kaepernick knelt during the anthem the following week and the rest of the regular season. Both supporters and opponents of the protests expressed their views with great fervor.

After President Donald Trump declared that NFL owners should "fire" players who demonstrate during the national anthem, Kaepernick's decision to take a knee sparked a media frenzy that erupted in September 2017. After that season, Kaepernick became a free agent.

Colin Kaepernick Awards and Achievements

2017 GQ Magazine Citizen of the Year

2017 Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award

2017 American Civil Liberties Union Eason Monroe Courageous Advocate Award

2017 Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship honoree

2018 Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award

2018 Harvard University W. E. B. Du Bois Medal

2020 Ripple of Hope Award from Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights

Colin Kaepernick Records

NFL records

Most rushing yards by a quarterback in a game (181)

Most rushing yards by a quarterback in a postseason (264)

Colin Kaepernick Net Worth

The latest estimation of Colin Kaepernick's net worth is $20 million. In 2018, Kaepernick secured a multimillion dollar contract with Nike in September.

Although, his break from football has prevented his net worth from rising even if the Nike partnership has helped him increase it.

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Colin Kaepernick Contract

Colin Kaepernick initially signed a 4 year deal with the 49ers when he was drafted, worth $5.12 million. He received a signing bonus of $2.2 million and the contract also had a total guaranteed value of $3.8 million.

Colin and the 49ers came to a seven-year extension agreement in June 2014. Colin could have made up to $126 million from the sale and $61 million in possible guarantees under the terms of the agreement. A $12.3 million signing bonus and a $640,000 salary for the next season were also included in the agreement. The only part of the contract that was completely guaranteed was the $13 million. Only if Colin sustained an injury that would have ended his career was the $61 million in potential guaranteed money guaranteed. At the time, it set a new record for contracts.

The contract's terms stated that if Colin was not selected to the first or second All-Pro team OR if the 49ers did not compete in the Super Bowl, his basic salary would decrease by $2 million a year. Kaepernick learned that the 49ers were going to release him in March 2017. In order to opt-out of his contract and become a free agent, he made this decision. After everything was said and done, Colin's record-breaking $126 million deal brought in $39 million.

Colin Kaepernick Family

On November 3, 1987, Kaepernick was born to a Caucasian woman of Italian ancestry. Heidi Russo gave birth to him in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When Kaepernick was just 5 weeks old after his birth, Russo, who was 19 at the time, gave him up for adoption with Rick and Teresa Kaepernick.

Kyle, the couple's son, and Devon, their daughter, are both older. The couple had experienced the birth loss of two kids due to congenital heart failure. Four years later, the family relocated from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, to Turlock, California. One may attribute Kaepernick's athleticism to his involvement in football, basketball, and baseball as a child. As a tribute to Bo Jackson, his family dubbed him "Bo" when he was a child.

The adoptive father of Colin is Rick Kaepernick. Rick and Teresa welcomed their newborn boy for the first time in the Lutheran Social Services office in Appleton, Wisconsin, barely five weeks after losing two sons to heart abnormalities.

Prior to moving to California when Colin was 4 so that Rick could start working as an operations manager for the Hilmar Cheese Company, Rick's family of five resided in Fond du Lac. The Kaepernicks always reiterated that it was okay for their youngest kid to have darker skin because they stuck up for him. They even took Colin an hour outside of town to get cornrows when he was a teenager.

The mother of Colin is not Teresa Kaepernick. When she and her husband Rick adopted Colin, she was a nurse. She also has a son named Kyle and a daughter named Devon. Lance and Kent, two sons she gave birth to, died as a result of heart problems.

Colin Kaepernick Girlfriend

From left: Nessa Diab and Colin Kaepernick

Nessa Diab also known as just ‘Nessa’ is an American Television and Radio personality. Nessa is a well-known American TV and radio host. She has moderated interviews with many celebrities on MTV and YouTube. She took Angie Martinez's position in 2015 on Hot97 in New York, where she hosts her own primetime program, "The Nessa Show." She started hosting the talk show ‘Stoop’ for NBCUniversal in 2018. Colin and Nessa have been dating since 2015.

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Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl Wins

Colin Kaepernick made it to the Super Bowl once (Super Bowl XLVII) in his career but missed out on the Vince Lombardi trophy after a 34-31 loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Kaepernick threw for 302 yards, one passing touchdown, and ran for a touchdown, but the 49ers fell behind and had to chase the game from early on.

Colin Kaepernick House

Kaepernick currently resides in New York City. He purchased a $3.21 million luxury condo in New York’s Tribeca area. Kaepernick previously owned a mansion in San Jose. He sold his bay area house for around $3.075 million, before purchasing his New York home.

Colin Kaepernick Cars

One of the most stylish former NFL players, Colin Kaepernick sure likes to keep a great car collection. The most standout cars from his collection are the Jaguar F-Type finished in ‘Firenze red’ and a Jaguar XJL.

Kaepernick’s Jaguar F-Type

olin Kaepernick Rookie Cards

Colin Kaepernick made his debut in the NFL in 2011 for the San Francisco 49ers. Since Colin Kaepernick took his stand in the NFL and became an activist, his rookie cards have been in high demand. His helping the 49ers reach the Super Bowl in the 2012 NFL season also made the demand for his rookie cards skyrocket. To date, the most expensive Colin Kaepernick rookie card has been sold for more than $20,000.


Since he started to kneel during the playing of the national anthem in 2016 while a member of the San Francisco 49ers to protest racial injustice and police brutality, Kaepernick has been unable to find employment with an NFL team. In spite of opting out of the deal after his final game with the 49ers in 2017, he was not signed by another team.
Since leaving the NFL, Kaepernick has been involved in a host of activism activities. Kaepernick and his partner Nessa Diab established the "Know Your Rights Camp" in 2016 to assist underprivileged youngsters in learning about their rights and developing self-confidence. Kaepernick is a fervent advocate for ending jails and police violence. Together with the internet publication service "Medium," he started a project called "Abolition for the People." It is a compilation of 30 essays written by activists who talk about the need to abolish prisons and the institutional racism that exists there.
It is unlikely that Kaepernick will return to the San Francisco 49ers. He has been out of the game for a long time now and is unlikely to meet the requirements of professional football even though he has been keeping fit and wants to be back in the NFL.
Kaepernick has a win-loss record of 28-30, from his rookie season to his final one, during the regular season. During his career, he reached the playoffs twice, in 2012 and 2013. His record in the playoffs was 4-2.
Colin Kapernick was honored as the 2017 GQ Magazine Citizen of the Year, for his activism against the brutality faced by African-American people in the nation.