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Rockstar Spud talks about Dixie Carter, EC3, moving to Destination America, TNA TV Negotiations and more

1.89K   //    04 Jan 2015, 01:38 IST
Rockstar Spud

Rockstar Spud was recently interviewed by English radio station Radio Yorkshire reporter Tom Feaheny. You can check out the full interview above, below are some highlights:

TNA TV negotiations

"Every few years, TNA and Dixie have to go through these negotiations and the way social media has evolved over the last three years, has been ridiculous, so now everyone feels apart of everything that is going on, we have these negotiations regularly there not an issue, but because now with social media, people are saying their having negotiations everyone is making a mountain out of a molehill, it's seems to just snowball, none of us internally were worried what was happening because we knew what was going on."

Working with EC3

"When we first met, we were a bit wary of each other, I'd never really anything of his previous work, I didn't know that was him but for him it was a fresh start with the right opportunity, that is what wrestling is about it's about the right person getting the right opportunity and the right people watching. Both us have the same mindset to wrestling, we both have the same thoughts onto getting the baby face over, we have the same sort of teaching we both have been to OVW and have that instant chemistry."

Destination America

"It's such a positive thing, Spike were amazing partners they really were, but we're now on a network much like Challenge in England, their whole channel has a big hole for wrestling, that's what Destination America is, their whole thing is catered towards Impact Wrestling now they bring a lot of their live audience and a lot of their viewers, which can only help their channel like with Challenge in England."

Dixie Carter

"She's amazing, I couldn't ask for a better boss, on camera she is an absolutely evil woman but off camera the most wonderful person you will ever meet, she's personable, polite and a friend."

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