WWE Live Event results from Brussels (11/8): Kane interferes in title match


Kane in a suit

The arena was not full, but the crowd was really good. There were about 200 seats left open. The crowd contained fans from Germany, England, Holland, Belgium and France.

* Santino Marella defeated Fandango. This was a comedy match that wasn’t really funny, the crowd was not into this match. But there was some Fandangoing. The finish saw Santino kiss Summer Rae and Fandango tried to help her, which allowed Santino to apply the cobra for the win.

* Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder. Boring match, crowd was in for Zack Ryder chants and WOO WOO.

* Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz with the Trouble In Paradise. This match had like 4 handshakes between the superstars, pretty sad I think. After about 5 minutes, Miz started wrestling like a heel and became very aggressive. Crowd was into both superstars. There were a lot of Kofi chants.

* U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston in a triple threat match. It was a good match, with lots of chants for all three superstars. Big E hit Ziggler with a hard clothesline and was about to do the same to Ambrose, but he ducked and Big E fell out of the ring. Ambrose took advantage and pinned Ziggler for the win.

There was a small break, which saw some Fandagoing and ‘YES!’ chants.

* Natalya defeated Aksana with the sharpshooter. Decent match, the crowd was really into it! Aksana had a sexy entrance, and slowly entered the ring to show off her assets.

* Diego from Los Matadores defeated Jack Swagger. Sloppy but funny match, with lots of ‘Ole!’ and ‘We the People’ chants. Swagger was in control, however the referee turned his back and Los Matadores did a switch-a-roo. When the referee got back into position, Fernando pinned Swagger with a small package.

* Randy Orton defeated The Big Show. The Big Show was close to winning and signalled for the chokeslam when Kane‘s music hit. Kane came wearing the same suit as on RAW and distracted The Big Show, which allowed Orton to RKO Big Show for the win. After the match, Kane shook Orton’s hand and brought The Shield out to attack the Big Show. The Shield attacked Show and went for the triple power bomb, but Show fought back was was able to chokeslam The Shield as Orton and Kane left the ring. Big Show challenged Kane to come in the ring, and Kane got one foot in the ring before retreating.

* John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio. Really good match, It looked like Cena had some new impressive moves. The crowd was chanting a lot for Cena, even the adults! Cena won with the AA. John Cena got a really huge pop, and Del Rio got some massive heat. Del Rio was making a lot of fun of Cena’s “You can’t see me” gesture.

Biggest pops:

1. John Cena2. Randy Orton3. Aksana

Most heat:

1. Alberto Del Rio2. Damien Sandow3. Jack Swagger

Overall a good show and a great crowd.

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