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A fan's letter to men's tennis' biggest gladiators - Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

An ode to tennis superstars and how their arrival has impacted the game in general.

When Zaheer Khan impressed Wasim Akram during the 2000 ICC Knockout Trophy

The start of Zaheer Khan the bowler happened on an October afternoon in Nairobi.

How Kevin Garnett changed the game as a master-of-all trades and grandmaster of craziness

The NBA would be very different if it wasn't for Kevin Garnett. Here's a look at his illustrious 21 year career.

WWE Entrance Themes and Jim Johnston

Can you imagine WWE without its iconic entrance themes? If not, then you cannot imagine WWE without Jim Johnston.

An ode to Abhinav Bindra - the man who gave a generation its greatest memories

Paying tribute to Abhinav Bindra and his spotless Olympic career

Remembering Olivier Panis' shock win at Monaco

It has been 20 years since Panis took the win from 14th in qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix of 1996.

5 relatively unknown facts about F1 enigma Gilles Villeneuve

Villeneuve is synonymous with speed, grace and charisma. He was a pure competitor and a painful F1 story. We look at some Gilles facts.

A tribute: Remembering the inimitable Ayrton Senna

Senna would have been 56 on March 21. He's a great of the sport. A king rather. But, what made him a master of his craft? An earnest tribute

We will wake you one day: A tribute to Martin Crowe

Someone wake me when its done. Im done on this hate stuff. - Martin Crowe

Hayabusa – The rise of a Phoenix

One of the greatest high flyers in professional wrestling history, Hayabusa has sadly passed away, and we take a look back at his career.

Wendell Lira: The one-time waiter who beat Lionel Messi to the 2015 Puskas Award

Lira almost had his career ended by a knee-injury and worked in his mother's cafe to make a living

A tribute: Jules Bianchi, 1989-2015

Jules Bianchi passed away this year at the age of 25, 9 months after sustaining a traumatic brain injury at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan.

How Mick Foley lost an ear

In a pre-planned sequence of moves, Vader was supposed to put Foley in a hangman position.

A tribute to R.B. Sapre - India's first national chess champion

India's first national chess champion - a man who was invited to Russia to witness the World Championship match in 1954 for his accurate analysis of the game.

The Life story of The Rock - From homeless to World Icon

We humans are simple creatures: we always fall in love with good stories. In fact, the life of every human that walks the surface of the earth is a story, some disappointing, some tragic, some joyful and some, an amalgam of all the emotions out there. It is the last category that always gets into our ‘inspirational nerves’. The life story of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson falls right into that category
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