What is Harrison Ingram’s Wingspan?

Harrison Ingram’s Wingspan
Harrison Ingram’s (Image Source: Getty Images)

Harrison Ingram is a professional basketball player who played college basketball for Stanford Cardinal and the North Carolina Tar Heels. Born in Dallas, Texas, Ingram went to St. Mark's School and started his basketball career.

Harrison Ingram was exceptional in his high school and was named McDonald's All-American. After a stellar high school career, Ingram joined the Stanford Cardinal for his freshman year in 2021-2022. Ingram showed his outstanding skills in his freshman season and averaged 10.5 points, 6.7 rebounds and 3 assists per game. His impressive performance earned him the Pac-12 Freshman of the Year award.

Following his successful freshman season, Ingram made the bold decision to enter the transfer portal and ultimately joined the North Carolina Tar Heels. At North Carolina, Ingram continued to impress, averaging 12.2 points, 8.8 rebounds, and 2.2 assists per game during the 2023-24 season. Playing as a Power Forward his ability to score made him a valuable asset for the team.

Ingram's talent has not gone unnoticed on the international stage either. In 2021, he played for the United States at the FIBA Under-19 World Cup in Latvia. Showing his outstanding game on the court, Ingram led the team to win the gold medal.

With his impressive career and his successful stint with the North Carolina Tar Heels, Harrison Ingram has firmly established himself as a top NBA draft prospect.

Harrison Ingram's Wingspan

Measured at a staggering 7 feet 0.25 inches barefoot during the NBA Draft 2024, Ingram’s wingspan is remarkably long for his height.

This asset provides Ingram with a significant advantage on the court, particularly in defensive and rebounding situations. His extraordinary reach allows him to contest shots and grab rebounds over taller opponents, creating more scoring opportunities for his team. Offensively, Ingram's lengthy wingspan also aids him in catching passes near the basket and finishing with authoritative dunks.

Harrison Ingram's Height

Ingram stands at 6 feet 5.25 inches barefoot, as measured during the NBA Draft 2024.

Although Ingram might not be among the tallest players in the league, his height makes him a versatile asset on the court. Defensively, his size enables him to block the easy shots to the basket. Also, he can easily disrupt the passing lanes with his long arms. Offensively, his height allows him to see over the defenders and make passes between the lanes.

Harrison Ingram's Weight

Ingram boasts a sturdy frame, weighing in at 233.6 pounds or 105.95 kilograms. This weight is considered ideal for a player of his size, providing him with the necessary strength and power to compete at the highest level. Ingram's combination of height, wingspan, and weight makes him a formidable presence on the court.

FAQ's On Harrison Ingram’s Wingspan

Q. How old is Harrison Ingram?

A. Harrison Ingram is 21 years old as of June 2024. He was born on November 27, 2002.

Q. Who is Harrison Ingram's father?

A. Harrison Ingram’s father is Tyrous Ingram.

Q. How tall is Harrison Ingram?

A. Harrison Ingram is 6 feet 5.25 inches tall. 

Q. Which college did Harrison Ingram go to?

A. Harrison Ingram went to the Stanford Cardinal and the North Carolina Tar Heels. 

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