Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Wins

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Wins
Josh Allen - no. 17 and the Bills still looking for their first Super Bowl win

The Buffalo Bills have a history of Super Bowl appearances that they might want to forget. The Bills enjoyed a run of successful seasons during the 1990s and made it to four Super Bowls. The unfortunate history of the Bills is that they failed to win the Super Bowl on each occasion. The Buffalo Bills also faced the longest playoff drought by any NFL team when they missed out on the playoffs for 16 years (2000-2016). The closest the Bills came to another Super Bowl appearance was in the 2020 playoffs when they lost the Conference Championship against the Kansas City Chiefs (and missed out on the Super Bowl spot).

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl appearances: How many Super Bowl appearances do the Bills have?

The Buffalo Bills have four Super Bowl appearances. Although the Bills appeared in four Super Bowls, they are yet to win their first Super Bowl. The Bills appeared in four consecutive Super Bowl games (XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII). The successful seasons by the Bills during 1990, 1991, 1992, and 1993 were marred by consecutive Super Bowl losses. The Bills are the last NFL team to have appeared in four consecutive Super Bowls. The first-ever Super Bowl appearance for the Bills was in 1991 (Super Bowl XXV) when they faced the New York Giants. After a valiant effort, the Bills narrowly missed out on lifting the Lombardi Trophy by losing 19-20 to the Giants.

The second Super Bowl appearance for the Bills was in Super Bowl XXVI after a 13-3 end to the regular season. The Washington Redskins had the upper hand in the Super Bowl as the Buffalo outfit lost 37-24. The third consecutive loss for the Bills came in Super Bowl XXVII against the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys outmatched the Bills 52-17. The last Super Bowl appearance for the Bills was a rematch against the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVIII who won their second consecutive Super Bowl and in the process handed the Bills their fourth consecutive Super Bowl loss.

Here is a list of their Super Bowl appearances:

XXV: Buffalo Bills 19, New York Giants 20 (1991)

XXVI: Buffalo Bills 24, Washington Redskins (now Washington Football Team) 37 (1992)

XXVII: Buffalo Bills 17, Dallas Cowboys 52 (1993)

XXVIII: Buffalo Bills 13, Dallas Cowboys 30 (1994)

What teams did the Buffalo Bills lose the Super Bowl against?

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Wins
Troy Aikman led the Cowboys to two Super Bowls against the Bills in the 90s

The Buffalo Bills lost the Super Bowl against the following teams:

Super Bowl XXV: Buffalo Bills lost to the New York Giants (1991)

Super Bowl XXVI: Buffalo Bills lost to the Washington Redskins (1992)

Super Bowl XXVII: Buffalo Bills lost to the Dallas Cowboys (1993)

Super Bowl XXVIII: Buffalo Bills lost to the Dallas Cowboys (1994)


Q. Which quarterback led the Buffalo Bills to four Super Bowl appearances?

A. Jim Kelly led the Bills to four straight Super Bowl appearances in the 90s but couldn't win even one of them.

Q. Have the Buffalo Bills ever won the Super Bowl?

A. The Buffalo Bills have never won a Super Bowl to date despite featuring in four of them. 

Q. What is the Buffalo Bills playoff record?

A. As of the end of the 2022 NFL season, the Buffalo Bills have an 18-20 playoff record. 

Q. Where do the Buffalo Bills play their home games?

A. The Bills play their home games in Highmark Stadium,  Orchard Park, New York.