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Dixie Carter on her fantasy signing, annual UK Tour, more

3.18K   //    22 Jan 2015, 06:20 IST
TNA President Dixie Carter recently spoke with What Culture to promote TNA’s UK Tour

What Culture recently held an interview with TNA President Dixie Carter, who was promoting the TNA UK tour that takes place later this month. Carter spoke about whether TNA will challenge the powerhouse WWE like WCW did in the 80’s, her fantasy signing for the TNA, about the annual UK Tour and more.

Below are some of the highlights from the interview: 

If TNA will ever be in a position to challenge WWE like WCW did in the 90s:

"Absolutely, I think we can be in that position or we wouldn't be in business today. We've got some exciting things on the horizon and our television partners worldwide are really stepping up and are committed to growing our brand, and that's a big part of it.
In the United States, we have one, two-hour television show every week and we want to be developing the programming and doing some exciting new strategic things to grow our company in ways that we've never even had the opportunity to do in the past. So 2015 and beyond looks very bright for us."

Her Fantasy signing:

"I'd sign The Rock. I think he's a tremendous talent, he's a great actor, he can open a lot of doors for you. I've never met him but I'm a big fan, and I just think he's a super, super talented guy."

The TNA annual UK tour:

"The UK tour is truly the highlight of our year. It's so much fun. We have an incredible, up close and personal experience doing the shows. What I'm most excited about this year is that all three of the stops on our tour: Glasgow, Manchester and London will be shown for television, so we'll be doing six weeks of television while we're over there, using the most amazing fans in the world as the backdrop to our television show."

Carter also discussed if there was anything from the past she would change, if being a woman is an advantage in the industry, going through a table, if she regrets losing AJ Styles and much more. 

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