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WWE Live Event Results - Las Vegas - 1/17/2014

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WWE Live Event results from Las Vegas

Thanks to reader Ryan for sending in this report for WWE Live Event in Las Vegas. Crowd was maybe 1/3 of the way full. But this isn't the John Cena/Daniel Bryan loop, the crowd was hot and into every match. Here's the card in order.

Fan vote for 1 on 1 Divas Match or 6 Diva Tag. Stupid vote. But aren't they all?

* The Usos defeated Miz/Mizdow in a Tag Team Title Match when one of the Usos hit the splash on Miz. (The Usos had the same side of their face painted tonight which was weird. Couldn't tell them apart) The match went about 20 minutes. It was half wrestling / half playing with the crowd and Mizdow being Mizdow.

* Sin Cara defeated Tyson Kidd in about 15 minutes with a Senton Bomb. Crowd was more into Kidd then Sin Cara. A few nice spots from both guys.

* Jack Swagger defeated Curtis Axel in about 10 minutes with the Patriot Lock. Nothing special here.

* Justin Gabriel defeated Adam Rose in 5 minutes with a springboard moonsault (Lionsault but from the top rope instead of 2nd rope). Gabriel played the face. Rose attacked 1 of the Rosebuds after the match.

* Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt with Dirty Deeds in a Street Fight. Good 25 minute match. Best one of the night. Both guys went through a table at some point and then the normal Chairs and Kendo sticks.

* Paige, Naomi & Emma defeated Cameron, Alicia Fox & Summer Rae in about 15 minutes when Naomi hit the Rear View on Alica. Crowd was surprisingly REALLY into this match. Notable spot where all 6 Divas were in the ring rolling around fighting and knocked the ref down and kept rolling all over him. Then the ref got up and jumped up on the turnbuckles to celebrate.

* Chris Jericho defeated Cesaro with a Code breaker in about 15 minutes. Much to my surprise, Jericho and Cesaro didn't work that we'll together. It was okay, but you'd expect this to be match of the night. At one point Jericho went to jump off the top rope and his foot slipped and he just face planted the mat.


* Roman Reigns defeated Rusev by DQ in a United States title match that went about 20 minutes. Roman looked real strong for a few minutes before Rusev controlled most of the match. I was always kind of a Reigns hater, but he threw in a few extra moves and their last 5 minutes of the match was awesome. Then Rusev went and hit him with the title to cause the DQ. Reigns hits a spear on Rusev to "send the crowd home happy".

It was a good show for being the crew they had. Huge disappointment to the Vegas crowd that Ryback wasn't there. Missed opportunity to have him be a "paying customer" and run in on somebody and get thrown out.?

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