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Original Sin Cara talks Hunico using his mask, WWE not promoting him and The Rock's help

Modified 20 Mar 2019

Sin Cara did a backstage interview for the show Tercera Caida. Here are some highlights:

Hunico using the mask:

It’s something that’s not his fault. We traveled together when I was in the WWE and he was a very nice person.

If not speaking English hurt him in WWE:

I don’t speak it. The truth is, I don’t like that language, I can speak Japanese to you all you want. Before I wrestled as Mistico, I wrestled in Japan for two years and I love that language and I keep studying it. I never studied English, I don’t like the English language. You shouldn’t need to communicate in the ring, the wrestling should do all the talking. The fans need to feel like everything isn’t planned ahead. Not knowing English didn’t scare me.

I wasn’t scared when Darren Young and his partner Titus O’Neil told me I didn’t know any English. During a match I slapped him and said, “I don’t need to know English, I am a wrestler not a clown! I may be an acrobat, but this is my job.” Rey was in my corner and he thought I kicked him, but when he saw me slap him more times he told me, “you wanted to destroy him didn’t you?”

If he wanted to accomplish in WWE what he did in Mexico:

It’s shocking WWE never did more with my image. It’s an image that sells more merchandise than many wrestlers who’ve been in the WWE for years. My action figures, my shirts, sell more than many of the wrestlers who have been in WWE for years. In December, my merchandise was the second best selling only behind John Cena. I read some of the comments on that said why isn’t Sin Cara in storylines, his merchandise sales are only behind John Cena’s.

The Rock‘s nice gesture:

Rey Mysterio and The Rock are the most noble people in the WWE… One day I was at a gym working out near an arena and The Rock came up to me and gave me a hug. I was surprised. He’s always with his hood on and with his earphones. He has told me he likes my work. That’s a moment I will never forget, I never expected something like that, especially from someone as huge as The Rock.”

Published 26 Jan 2014, 02:57 IST
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