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Shawn Michaels on if he buried CM Punk backstage, Why WWE didn't like Punk

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Shawn Michaels clears the rumour about burying CM Punk

Shawn Michaels continues to do the media rounds to promote his new book, Wrestling for My Life. HBK stopped by TapouT Radio on SiriusXM @sxmtapout late last week, which airs Thursdays from 2-4pm EST on SiriusXM channel 92 and the SiriusXM app. The show is hosted by Ricky Bones, Jen Remauro, as well as TapouT founders SkySkrape and Punkass.

During the interview, Michaels was asked about some of the most ridiculous rumors that he's heard about himself. Michaels brought up the <recent story about himself and Triple H burying CM Punk backstage during one of Punk's WWE tryout matches.

"Good, bad or otherwise, the greatest thing about my salvation is I don't feel the need to justify myself to anybody," Michaels said. "What other people think doesn't bother me... Guys accusing me of keeping them down, or doing this that or the other, respectfully, so many of the people who have made these claims weren't even on my radar. These same guys accusing me of having this big ego have to understand, one of the biggest things about having a big ego is feeling like no one else is in your league and not being threatened by anybody.

"I had someone tell me, 'Triple H, he buried CM Punk.' One, I never even met the guy [former WWE writer Court Bauer], supposedly he worked for us. Dave Lagana will tell you, as Punk will, that I was one of his biggest fans. The reason [WWE] didn't like him is because he had a bad attitude. I've never seen anybody's tryouts, they usually have them at the beginning of RAW.

"Once you admit to one thing, guys can heap on you whatever they want to. You learn to not worry about that stuff. Years ago these rumors contributed to my bad attitude. I'm very thankful for my faith because none of this stuff bothers me anymore. People like [Steve] Austin who wrote the forward, Steve knew me before and knows me now. The Undertaker (on the back of the book) knew me before and knows me now. Talk to Michael Cole, he'll tell you the same thing. Just because you shared a locker room with me at one point does not mean you know me. I don't know anything about a lot of the guys I was in the locker room with."

You can listen to the clip from the interview at this link.

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