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WWE: What happened after Raw went off the air

6.12K   //    20 May 2014, 09:54 IST

After last night's RAW went off the air, Bray Wyatt noted that John Cena was knocked out of his shoe and held it up as Cena laid on the mat. The Wyatts then issued an open challenge, which was accepted by The Shield as Cena rolled to the outside. The Shield then cleared the ring of the Wyatts and hit a triple powerbomb on Erick Rowan as Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper took off to the back.
The Shield then left to the back. As Rowan was laying in the ring, Bad News Barrett's music hit. Barrett got in the ring and told Rowan that he had some "bad news," and then planted Rowan with the Bullhammer. While all this was happening, Cena was still on the outside of the ring.

Rowan went to the back and Cena finally came to and got in the ring. He took the mic and said that he had some bad news, and that he was Sister Abigailed out of his shoe. He then said that tonight belonged to Barrett and London, handed the mic to Barrett and then took off to the back.

Barrett took the mic and said that it was good to be home. He told everyone to come back for SmackDown on Tuesday. Barrett then put over Paige and NXT Champion Adrian Neville, and called Neville one of the greatest high flyers that he's ever seen.

Barrett's promo was cut short by Stephanie McMahon, who said that the show was over and told everyone to go home before heading to the back. The lights went out while Barrett was in the ring. Barrett was starting to leave, but the lights came back in. Barrett got back in the ring and started to cut a promo, and then the lights went back out. They came back on, and Barrett said that Stephanie could kiss his "English" ass. The lights would then go back out and on again.

Barrett thanked everyone for coming, and Triple H's music hit. Triple H stood on the apron and spoke in a sarcastic English accent saying that the show was over. He ripped the English fans hygiene and bad teeth before once again telling the fans to go home. The fans then started doing the Adam Rose theme song chant. There was then a loud "CM Punk" chant before Adam Rose's music hit.

The crowd started chanting "you're a lemon" to Triple H. Triple H suggested that English fans squirt some lemon on themselves to smell better. Barrett asked if Triple H was going to stop standing on the apron and get in the ring and do something. Triple H started questioning where Adam Rose had been, and the crowd started the "What?" chants. Barrett said that he would rather hang out with Rose than Triple H. The crowd continued chanting Rose's theme. Triple H noted that the last guy who tried to hijack the show was in a hospital bed, and said that either they leave the ring or he will kick them out. Barrett then nailed Triple H will the Bullhammer and said that "with that, the show is over!" Barrett then said good night and left the ring. Rose then danced in the ring as his music played to end the show.
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