Basketball Ball

A Basketball is spherical and varies in size with different basketball leagues around the world. We must put the Basketball in the hoop or basket to score points in a game. The basket or hoop has an attached net to it.

The NBA uses a basketball with a circumference of 29.5 inches, whereas in FIBA, the size of the basketball varies from a minimum of 29.5 inches and a maximum of 30.7 inches.

Different age groups use different size of Basketball. Its Categorization per the age group is given below:

Size 7- Men, Boys (15 and above)

Size 6- Women (12 and above), Boys (12-15)

Size 5- Boys (9-11), Girls (9-11)

Size 4- Boys (5-8), Girls (5-8)

Size 3- Boys (4-8), Girls (4-8)

Many companies manufacture basketballs worldwide.

1) Spalding

Spalding is one of the oldest and the first producer of an official basketball. It has been an official provider of basketballs for the NBA and the other leagues related to in the USA since 1983. It is an American company.

2) Molten

Molten is the official provider of basketball for the FIBA. It provides Basketballs for many events under FIBA such as the World Championships and various events in Asia. It is a Japanese company.

3) Wilson

Wilson is the official provider of basketballs for various postseason tournaments of the NCAA. It is an American company.

4) Rawlings

Rawlings is an American company founded in 1887. It started making basketballs since 1902. It is an official basketball provider for the 3-on-3 basketball tournaments such as Amateur Athletic Union and the Gus Macker.

5) Nike

Nike is also an American company founded in 1964. Nike 4005 ball is used as the official ball in some tournaments in the Philippines. It also used to provide the basketballs for the Euro league from 2007 to 2012.