How to Play Basketball

Basketball is a fun and exciting game to play. If you are starting out and want to learn the basic rules of the game, then you are at the right place.


You can score in the game of Basketball by either shooting the ball or driving into the paint and finishing the layup near the hoop. If you drive in and get fouled by the opposing team on the act of shooting, you are awarded two free throws which are the other ways of scoring in the game.

So how are the scores awarded?

2-pointers- When you score a basket from inside the three-point line (shooting or with drive-in), you get a score of 2 points.

3-pointers- When a player puts the ball inside the hoop by shooting it from outside the three-point arc, he gets a score of 3 points.

Also, All the free throws are worth a single point.


Passing is one of the most important and under-rated skills in the world of basketball. I have seen players practicing shooting and dribbling but giving as much importance to their passing.

Basketball is a team game, and if you cannot pass the ball to your teammate, you are a useless player for your coach.

You must learn how to give those chest passes and the overhead passes. With that, perfecting the bounce pass is a great skill to have in the game.


The art of Dribbling is essential not only for the guards but nowadays for the Bigs also. If you can't handle the ball, then your opponents will pressurize in tough situations during the game, resulting in a turnover.

There are many dribbling drills available on the internet. Follow them, and start working on your ball handles.

​Additional skill: Defence

I want to add another skill to my coach's list, Defence. If you are not a great offensive player but you are a great defender, then you are a very important asset to your team and coach. If we look at the great team in the Basketball world, they are all exceptional defensive teams.


Deflecting a scoring attempt of the opposing team is termed as a Block. A good defender is usually a great shot blocker.


Rebounding the ball on both the ends of the court gives extra possessions to the team and a chance to score more points. You must rise high towards the ball and grab the ball firmly and stick it to your chest. You should also add a good rebounding drill to your schedule.