USA Basketball Olympic Record

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The American national men’s basketball team owns an impressive 143-6 (0.959 winning percentage) all-time record at the Olympics. Since 1992 when the NBA players began representing the United States, their win-loss record has been 58-4 in eight Olympics, capturing seven gold medals and one bronze medal.,fl_progressive,q_auto,w_1024/mqrrnwdugoheqcwegmnq.jpg

Team USA Olympic Basketball Medal Record

Olympic Games record

1936Gold medalists1st of 2355015469+85
1948Gold medalists1st of 23880524256+268
1952Gold medalists1st of 23880562406+156
1956Gold medalists1st of 15880793365+428
1960Gold medalists1st of 16880815476+339
1964Gold medalists1st of 16990704434+270
1968Gold medalists1st of 16990739505+234
1972Silver medalists2nd of 16981660401+259
1976Gold medalists1st of 12770586500+86
1980Originally qualified as defending champions, but withdrew

1984Gold medalists1st of 12880763506+257
1988Bronze medalists3rd of 12871733490+243
1992Gold medalists1st of 12880938588+350
1996Gold medalists1st of 12880816562+254
2000Gold medalists1st of 12880760587+173
2004Bronze medalists3rd of 12853705668+37
2008Gold medalists1st of 12880850627+223
2012Gold medalists1st of 12880924667+257
2016Gold medalists1st of 12880807627+180
2020Gold medalists1st of 12651594474+120
Total16 titles19/201491436134279208+4219

USA Team Olympic Basketball Game Records

Most Points: 156

USA vs. Nigeria, 2012

Most Rebounds: 64

USA vs. Australia, 1972

Most Field Goals Made: 59

USA vs. Nigeria, 2012

Most Field Goals Attempted: 91

USA vs. Spain, 1992

Highest Field Goal Percentage: 0.711% (59-83)

USA vs. Nigeria, 2012

Most 3-Point Field Goals Made: 29

USA vs. Nigeria, 2012

Most 3-Point Field Goals Attempted: 46

USA vs. Australia, 2012

USA vs. Nigeria, 2012

Highest 3-point Percentage: 0.636% (7-11)

USA vs. Canada, 1988

Most Free Throws Made: 33

USA vs. Serbia, 2016

Most Free Throws Attempted: 46

USA vs. Italy, 1960

Highest Free Throw Percentage: 0.958% (23-24)

USA vs. Soviet Union, 1956

Most Assists: 41

USA vs. Nigeria, 2012

USA vs. China, 1996

Most Blocked Shots: 14

USA vs. Canada, 1984

Most Steals: 32

USA vs. Croatia, 1992


1. Has the USA basketball team ever lost in the Olympics?

Yes, the USA basketball team has indeed suffered losses in a couple of the Olympics matches. Since basketball was introduced in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the USA’s first-ever loss was in the 1972 Germany Olympics. They secured their only silver medal to date after losing to Soviet Union 51-50 in the final.

Their second loss came at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul after they lost to Soviet Union 76-82 in the semifinals. In the third-place game against Australia, they defeated them to secure the bronze medal.

At the 2004 Athens Olympics, which is considered one of their worst performances ever, the USA men’s team lost three games - Puerto Rico 92, USA 73; Lithuania 94, USA 90; and Argentina 89, USA 81. Their 24-game Olympic winning streak since 1992 ended when they lost to Puerto Rico in the opening game. In the semi-final, they lost to Argentina 81-89. They had to be content with a bronze medal after they beat Lithuania 104-96.

They lost their opening game against France at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics but captured the gold medal anyway.

2. How many times has the USA won the basketball Olympics?

The USA has won the basketball Olympics a record 16 times out of their 19 appearances. They won the gold medal in the following years - 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1976, 1984, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2020.

3. Who is USA Basketball’s all-time leading scorer at the Olympics?

Carmelo Anthony currently sits atop Team USA's all-time leaderboard for most career points in the Olympics. He has 336 points to his name, which includes Team USA's single-game scoring record of 37 points against Nigeria in the 2012 Olympics in London. He played at the Olympics in the following years - 2016, 2012, 2008, and 2004.

4. Why did the USA lose at the 2004 Olympics?

Several prominent players declined invitations, in part due to security concerns over attending the first Olympic Games after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The roster was hastily assembled, and heavily flawed. They managed to secure the bronze with a victory over Lithuania in the third-place game, but the 2004 Olympics has widely been deemed a disaster in USA’s basketball history.