John Elway Super Bowl Wins

Current President of Football Operations for the Denver Broncos, John Elway is one of the most celebrated players of the franchise. The Hall of Famer has won two Super Bowls leading the Denver Broncos to their first-ever Super Bowl victory. He won Super Bowl XXXII (1998) and Super Bowl XXXIII (1999) with the Denver Broncos. In his 15 year career with the Broncos, Elway appeared in a total of five Super Bowls. He has also won a Super Bowl as an executive for the Denver Broncos when they won Super Bowl 50 (2015). He has set the Super Bowl record for most interceptions (8) and won the Super Bowl MVP award in 1999 (Super Bowl XXXIII). He is the only quarterback apart from Thurman Thomas to score a rushing touchdown in four different Super Bowls.

Full NameJohn Albert Elway Jr.
TeamsDenver Broncos
Draft1983/ Round: 1/ Pick: 1
Super Bowl Win YearsXXXII (1998), XXXIII (1999)

How many Super Bowls has John Elway Won?

John Elway has won a total of three Super Bowls. He won two Super Bowls as a player for the Denver Broncos. He won Super Bowl XXXII (1998) and Super Bowl XXXIII (1999) as a player. He won his third Super Bowl (2015) as a sporting executive for the Denver Broncos.

John Elway Super Bowl wins and losses

John Elway has appeared in five Super Bowl matches in his career as a Denver Broncos player. His first three Super Bowl appearances ended in a loss as the Denver Broncos strived to grab their first-ever Super Bowl victory.

Elway appeared in his first Super Bowl in 1987 (Super Bowl XXI) which he lost to the New York Giants. The Giants defeated the Broncos 39-20. His second Super Bowl appearance was Super Bowl XXII (1988) which the Broncos lost to the Washington Redskins (42-10). His third Super Bowl appearance (Super Bowl XXIV) was another blowout loss against the San Francisco 49ers (55-10).

Elway won his first Super Bowl after a long wait when the Broncos defeated the Green Bay Packers (31-24) in Super Bowl XXXII. Elway won a consecutive Super Bowl in 1999 when the Broncos defeated the Atlanta Falcons (34-19) in Super Bowl XXXIII. Elway was named the Super Bowl MVP. The Super Bowl win in 1999 was his final game for the Denver Broncos.

Here are John Elway’s wins and losses:

XXI: Denver Broncos 20, New York Giants 39 (1987)

XXII: Denver Broncos 10, Washington Redskins 42 (1988)

XXIV: Denver Broncos 10, San Francisco 49ers 55 (1990)

XXXII: Denver Broncos 31, Green Bay Packers 24 (1998)

XXXIII: Denver Broncos 34, Atlanta Falcons 19 (1999)

What is John Elway’s Super Bowl Record?

John Elway’s Super Bowl record is 2-3. Out of his five Super Bowl appearances, he lost his first three matches. Elway led the Broncos to their first-ever Super Bowl win in 1998 and then another one in the consecutive year.

What Super Bowls did John Elway play in?

John Elway has played in 5 Super Bowl matches. They are as follows:

XXI: Denver Broncos vs. New York Giants (1987)

XXII: Denver Broncos vs. Washington Redskins (1988)

XXIV: Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers (1990)

XXXII: Denver Broncos vs. Green Bay Packers (1998)

XXXIII: Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons (1999)

What teams did John Elway win the Super Bowl against?

Here are the teams against whom John Elway has won the Super Bowl:

XXXII: Broncos 31, Packers 24

XXXIII: Broncos 34, Falcons 19

What teams did John Elway lose the Super Bowl against?

John Elway has lost the Super Bowl against the following teams:

XXI: Broncos 20, Giants 39

XXII: Broncos 10, Washington 42

XXIV: Broncos 10, 49ers 55