Philip Rivers Wife

Philip Rivers and Tiffany Rivers

Born on December 8, 1981, Philip Rivers is a former National Football League (NFL) quarterback. He played a total of 17 seasons out of which 16 of them were for the San Diego Chargers who later on relocated and became the Los Angeles Chargers. He spent his last year with the Indianapolis Colts taking the team to the Wild Card round in 2020 where they lost to the Buffalo Bills. Rivers was part of the 2004 NFL Draft that also included Eli Manning and the two were involved in a trade immediately after Rivers was drafted by the New York Giants. This trade saw Rivers go to the Chargers whereas Manning went to the Giants after being selected first overall by the Chargers.

He played college football at North Carolina State. His college career was nothing short of extraordinary, claiming several passing records along the way. In his 4 years with the Wolfpack football team, Rivers had more than 13,000 passing yards and 95 passing touchdowns. Rivers broke almost all of the passing records for NC State and the ACC during his time in college. In 1,710 attempts over 51 straight starts, he completed 1,147 passes for a conference-high 95 touchdowns. His 51st consecutive college start, an NCAA record, was the pinnacle of his career.

Rivers is also among a handful of quarterbacks who were one of the best but never got to play in a Super Bowl. He is a future first-ballot Hall of Famer. After retiring in January, Rivers was hired by St. Michael Catholic High School in Alabama as the head coach of their football team and has taken over the program full-time.

Who is Philip Rivers' wife, Tiffany Rivers?

Born on November 18, 1982, at Decatur, Alabama, Tiffany Rivers, whose maiden name is Tiffany Goodwin, is the wife of Philip Rivers. She attended Athens High School with her husband, and that’s where the pair first met. After graduating high school she went to North Carolina State University in 2000. She is American by nationality. There isn’t much information about her parents or siblings available on the internet. She used to work in a daycare center when she was pregnant with her first child and now she owns a Latin-inspired swimwear line called ‘Hermoza’.

She and Philip Rivers have been together for 22 years and are going very strong together. The Rivers couple already have 9 children together and are expecting their 10th child, a baby boy in October 2023.

What is Tiffany Rivers’ height and age?

Tiffany Rivers is 40 years old (born on November 18, 1982). She has an average height and a petite figure. No sources mention her exact height details.

What is Tiffany River's Net Worth?

There is no specific information about Tiffany’s net worth. Philip Rivers though has a tremendous net worth and it is estimated to be around $80 million.

What is Tiffany Rivers' Nationality?

Tiffany is American by nationality. Like Rivers, she is a devout Catholic.

What does Tiffany Rivers do for a living?

Tiffany has impeccable taste when it comes to fashion, and owns a swimwear line called Hermoza. She co-founded it with a San Diego-based fashion maven, Marisa DeLecce. Hermoza seems modest but fashionable at the same time. Unlike many, the designs show comfort and style, which is usually lacking when it comes to swimwear.

Hermoza, the brand’s name is derived from the Spanish word ‘Hermosa’ which means beautiful. The line stands by its origin and the collection infuses Latin-influenced prints with vibrant colors, bold designs, and chic-sophisticated elegance. The classic Spanish design is a favorite of many as it perfectly reflects the feminine charm.

Through Hermoza, Tiffany along with her husband launched a campaign in 2019 whose aim is to raise funds and awareness for Type 1 Diabetes. The campaign is called 'Change the Game'.

Tiffany Rivers Social Media

When it comes to social media platforms, Tiffany Rivers is not an active member. She believes in living in the present rather than capturing images and posting on Twitter and Instagram.

How did Philip meet Tiffany?

Both Philip and Tiffany were born and raised in Alabama and grew close together. But it was in middle school when they started dating. They also went to the same high school. After their high school graduation, Philip enrolled in North Carolina State University back in 2000, and soon after Tiffany followed him. She also used to stay in Rivers’ parents' home when she visited him in college.

After dating for five years, they took their relationship to the next level. In an interview, Rivers mentioned how he knew Tiffany was special from the start. He was just a freshman at NC State when they got married in the spring of 2001. Naturally, both of them were very young at 19 and 18 years respectively. However, the couple have been a role model of a perfect family as even after 22 years they are going strong.

When they welcomed their first child on July 6, 2002, their daughter Halle, the couple was still in college. According to Rivers, it is important to find the people in one’s life that bring out the best in them and continue to mold and help them be the person they want to be. Both he and Tiffany complimented each other that way.

How many kids do Philip and Tiffany have?

Philip and Tiffany Rivers with their children

The Rivers are proud parents of nine children which includes two boys and seven girls. They are also expecting their 10th child soon and the baby boy is due on October 2023. The children’s names and ages are:

  • Halle, 20
  • Caroline, 17
  • Grace, 16
  • Gunner, 14
  • Sarah, 12
  • Peter, 10
  • Rebecca, 8
  • Clare, 6
  • Anna, 3


Q. How many rings did Philip Rivers win?

A. While it may come as a surprise knowing how good Philip Rivers was, he actually never managed to play in the Super Bowl, let alone win one.

Q. How many years did Philip Rivers play in the NFL?

A. Philip Rivers had a long and fruitful career in the NFL. In all, he played 17 years in the league with 16 of them with the Chargers and ended his journey with one final season at Indianapolis with the Colts.

Q. When did Philip Rivers get married?

A. Philip Rivers and his wife Tiffany have known each other since they were young. They also attended the same high school and eventually got married in 2001 before either of them had even graduated from college.

Q. How many kids do the Rivers have?

A. Philip Rivers has a total of nine kids with his wife Tiffany. The lovely pair has seven daughters and two sons. They are expecting their 10th child very soon.

Q. What is Philip Rivers doing now?

A. Post his retirement in 2021, Philip Rivers joined the St. Michael Catholic High School in Fairhope, Alabama as the school football team’s head coach. There is speculation in the media that Rivers may be looking to make a comeback in the NFL.

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