Most Points in NBA All Star Game

The NBA All-Star Game stands as a pinnacle of unparalleled talent and breathtaking performances. It is the game where the best of the best from the NBA gather and grace us with their cumulative presence on the court. Be it Michael Jordan's soaring dunks, LeBron James' authoritative slams, Kobe Bryant's Mamba mentality, or Steph Curry's mesmerizing three-pointers, NBA All-Star games are always a treat for NBA fans.

Fans are always fortunate to witness all the titans of the NBA on the court at the same time. Throughout NBA All-Star game history, LeBron James has played the most amount of games with 19 and he is the leading scorer with 426 points in All-Star Games, followed by the Late Kobe Bryant with 290 points. Third was Michael Jordan with 262 points. In the Top 5 list of the leading scorers for the All-Star games, current Lakers Forward LeBron James and Suns Forward Kevin Durant are the only two players who are active.

Now, let's go through the record books, and trace the footsteps of these iconic NBA players who have made history in the NBA All-Star Game, setting the court ablaze with their scoring prowess.

Players with the Most Points in the NBA All-Star Game

PlayerYearPoints Scored
Jayson Tatum202355
Anthony Davis201752
Steph Curry202250
Wilt Chamberlain196242
Russell Westbrook201741
Paul George201641
Russell Westbrook201541
Donovon Mitchell202340
Michael Jordan198840
Giannis Antetokounmpo201938
Kevin Durant201438
Blake Griffin201438
Rick Barry196738
Kobe Bryant201137
Kevin Garnett200337

Most 3 Pointers in an All-Star Game

PlayerYear3 Pointers Scored
Stephen Curry202216
Jayson Tatum202310
Paul George20169
Damian Lillard20238
Donovan Mitchell20238
Stephen Curry20218
Damian Lillard20218
Kawhi Leonard20208
Carmelo Anthony20148
James Harden20217
Chris Paul20207
Russell Westbrook20177
James Harden20167
Russell Westbrook20167
James Harden20157
Kyle Korver20157

The above table shows a detailed overview of some of the most remarkable scoring performances in NBA All-Star Game history. These performances not only showcased the individual talents of these star players but also created an iconic moment in the NBA's history. Here's a summary of every performance -

Jayson Tatum (2023)

Jayson Tatum 2023 NBA All Star Game MVP
Jayson Tatum 2023 NBA All Star Game MVP

In 2023, Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum set the record for the most points in a single All-Star Game with 55 points. He lead "Team Giannis" to victory over "Team LeBron". He also contributed with 10 rebounds and six assists and was awarded the 2023 NBA All-Star Game MVP.

Anthony Davis (2017)

Anthony Davis 2022 All-Star Game MVP
Anthony Davis 2017 All-Star Game MVP

Anthony Davis dropped 52 points in the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, leading the Western Conference to victory and earning the MVP award. The 2017 All-Star game was held at the Smoothie King Arena in New Orleans, and in front of his home supporters, AD was unstoppable. Davis also grabbed 10 rebounds and had an impressive shooting percentage of 66.7% converting 26 shots on 39 attempts.

Stephen Curry (2022)

Steph Curry 2022 All-Star Game MVP
Steph Curry 2022 All-Star Game MVP

Steph Curry set an NBA All-Star game record for three-pointers made in an All-Star Game with 16, helping Team LeBron to secure a 163-160 victory over Team Durant. Curry became the fifth Golden State player to bag the all-star game MVP.

Wilt Chamberlain (1962)

NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain scored 42 points in the 1962 All-Star Game, though his Eastern Conference All-Star team ultimately lost. He had a remarkable 73.9% shooting percentage.

Russell Westbrook (2015 & 2017)

Russell Westbrook 2015 All-Star Game MVP
Russell Westbrook 2015 All-Star Game MVP

Russell Westbrook had two 41-point performances in the NBA All-Star Game that contributed to wins for the Western Conference. He won the All-Star MVP in 2015 but in 2017, his teammate, Anthony Davis scored 52 points and overshadowed him.

Paul George (2016)

Paul George All-Star Game
Paul George

Before Steph Curry's 2022 exploits, Paul George set a record for three-pointers made and attempted in an All-Star game with 9 three-pointers made from 19 attempts. PG scored 41 points in the process, yet his team Eastern Conference All-Stars fell short.

Michael Jordan (1988)

Michael Jordan All-Star Game
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's 40-point performance in the 1988 All-Star Game helped the Eastern Conference secure a win. Jordan was playing in front of his home fans in Chicago and he dominated Western Conference All-Stars to win the 1988 All-Star Game MVP.

Kobe Bryant's impressive All-Star Game

Kobe Bryant's impressive All-Star Game scoring feats, including his 1997 All-Star Game debut where he became the youngest All-Star in NBA history, and his career high of 27 points in the 2011 All-Star Game.

Kobe Bryant, a guard with the Los Angeles Lakers, made history by starting the Western Conference All-Star game at the age of 19. In the defeat, he recorded 18 points and six rebounds. In addition to scoring 23 points, grabbing six rebounds, and making eight assists, Michael Jordan was named MVP that year. This was the Third time for Jordan. 4 LA Lakers players were representing the Western Conference in the NBA All-Star.

The 2011 NBA All-Star was played in the home of Kobe Thus, he didn't make any mistake in grabbing the MVP Trophy and won the All-Star Game by Defeating East in a close match of 148-143. And in the same year, LeBron had his first All-Star Appearance with the Heat. He achieved a triple-double with 29 points, 12 rebounds, and 10 assists, joining Michael Jordan as the only player to accomplish this feat.

Kobe Bryant MVP Scores in All-Star

YearPoints Scored
200231 Points
200731 points
200927 points
201137 points

Michael Jordan's All-Star Game Dominance

Michael Jordan scored 20 points (on 8 of 11 shooting) to lead the East in his first All-Star Game following his comeback from his initial retirement, and Shaquille O'Neal scored 25 points with 10 rebounds.

And from the West Jason Kidd was the assist leader for his team who was playing his First All-Star Game. David Robinson and Gary Payton Both played an 18-point Game but this was not enough to lead the All-Star. Thus, the East defeated the West in a 129-118 match. That year there was a huge controversy that arose as According to people Shaquille O'Neal deserved the All-Star MVP but was given to Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan MVP Scores in All-Star

YearPoints Scored
198840 Points
199620 Points
199823 Points

LeBron James' All-Star Game achievements

The 2005 All-Star was the first All-Star appearance of LeBron James and was not able to play with the same energy he is now. He scored 13 points, and 6 assists. Iverson led his East to a victory of 125-115 with 15 points, nine assists, and five steals. Ray Allen was the west leading scorer with 17 points.

The 2018 NBA All-Star was held at the Los Angeles Staples Center, the Lakers' and Clippers' home arena. Team Stephen was defeated 148-145 by Team LeBron. LeBron was chosen as the All-Star MVP. He scored 29 points, 10 rebounds, and 8 assists, and was his third time receiving the award since the 2008 All-Star Game.

And 2018 All-Star was the first time when a new format Change was introduced in the league and the format got switched to the Draft Style Format, where the players getting the most number of votes will be named as captain of their respective conference and thus will further select the team. For each player, the winning team will receive $100,000, while the loser team will receive $25,000 each.

LeBron James MVP Scores In All-Star

YearPoints Scored
200629 Points
200827 Points
201829 Points


Q. Most 3-pointers in NBA All-Star Game?

A. Stephen Curry has the record for most 3-pointers made in an All-Star game with 16 three-pointers.

Q. Who has the Most points in NBA All-Star game?

A. Jayson Tatum has the most points in an All-Star game with 55 points in 2023.

Q. Most assists in an All-Star Game?

A. Magic Johnson has the most assists in an All-Star Game, with 22 assists versus the East on January 29, 1984.

Q. NBA All Star game head to head record betwee East vs West?

A. After 66 games of NBA All-Star, East had a 37-29 advantage, as of February 2024.

Q. Who was the 18 time All-Star?

A. In 1988, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared in his 18th All-Star game. LeBron has also appeared in the 20 All-Star Games and won the All-Star MVP three Times.

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