Ons Jabeur Parents

ons jabeur parents
Ons Jabeur at the 2023 WTA Finals

Current Tunisian No. 1 and the highest-ranked African and Arab tennis player, Ons Jabeur, is currently ranked World No. 6 by the WTA. She is considered one of the prominent faces of tennis who has won five singles titles on the WTA circuit. She achieved the career-high singles ranking of World No. 2 in June 2022.

Two-time Wimbledon Open finalist and one-time US Open finalist, Jabeur became the first African and Arab woman to contest a Grand Slam singles final. She described her loss against Marketa Vondrousova in the final of the 2023 Wimbledon Open as the most painful loss of her career.

Jabeur has won five singles titles to date on the WTA circuit. She won her fifth WTA title at the 2023 Ningbo Open, where she defeated Diana Shnaider in the final. As a junior, Jabeur won the French Open title in 2011, becoming the first North African woman to win a junior Grand Slam tournament. She also finished runner-up at the French Open in 2010.

NameOns Jabeur
Source of IncomeTennis
Estimated Wealth$8 million - $10 million
ResidenceSousse, Tunisia
Marital StatusMarried
Popular EndorsementsWilson, Qatar Airways, Haval, Kayanee, Maximilian Jewellery

Who are Ons Jabeur’s Parents?

Samira Jabeur and Ridha Jabeur are the parents of Ons Jabeur, who was born on 28 August, 1994 in Ksar Hellal, a small town in Tunisia. Her father Ridha, supported her development in tennis since she was a young girl and also made sure his children were well educated.

Jabeur’s mother Samira Jabeur, played tennis recreationally and introduced her daughter to the sport at the age of three. Jabeur trained under coach Nabil Mlika for ten years from the age of four at a tennis promotion center in her school.

She then moved to the capital city of Tunis and joined Lycee Sportif El Menzah, a national sport high school, which was exclusively made for the country's up-and-coming athletes. Ons Jabeur also trained in European countries such as Belgium and France at the age of 16 before starting to produce strong results as a young professional at junior Grand Slams and other Grade A events.

She has always credited her parents for the sacrifices they made when she was growing up and her main goal was to never let their efforts go in vain.

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Who is Ons Jabeur’s Father?

Ridha Jabeur is Ons Jabeur’s father. While Samira Jabeur introduced her daughter to tennis, Ridha Jabeur always encouraged Ons Jabeur to take part in extracurricular activities. He was certain that his daughter would be active in sports after watching her discussing tennis with her mom at a very young age and also running around collecting tennis balls tirelessly during practice.

Ridha Jabeur supported his daughter to get through her education as well. She even took time out to study on the planes while traveling as she prioritized her training and often required time to recover.

Who is Ons Jabeur’s Mother?

Samira Jabeur is Ons Jabeur’s mother. She has been the driving force behind her daughter's successful tennis career. The Tunisian often finds it hard to control her emotions on the court, but is always supported and motivated by her mother. Samira Jabeur has been a positive influence in her daughter's life and always tried her best to make Ons Jabeur’ tennis journey easy.

ons jabeur parents
Ons Jabeur with her mother

What Nationality are Ons Jabeur’s Parents?

Ons Jabeur’s parents Samira Jabeur and Ridha Jabeur are both Tunisians.

How old are Ons Jabeur’s parents?

Ons Jabeur’s parents' ages is still not a discussion as no information confirms their actual age. They are expected to be in their 50’s.

Ons Jabeur Parents Family

No information about Ons Jabeur's parents family is available on the public platform.

Ons Jabeur's Family

Apart from her parents Ridha Jabeur and Samira Jabeur, Ons Jabeur has two older brothers and an older sister in her family. Hatem and Marwen are Ons Jabeur’s older brothers and her older sister is named Yasmine Jabeur.

The Tunisian was in a relationship with Karim Kamoun for two years before marrying him on October 29, 2015. Karim Kamoun is also her fitness trainer and is often seen motivating her during matches from the stands. He earned his master’s degree in Sports Science and also had a successful career as a competitive fencer. Karim Kamoun began working as a fitness coach in 2017.

ons jabeur parents
Ons Jabeur and her husband Karim Kamoun

Are Ons Jabeur’s parents still married?

Yes, Ons Jabeur’s parents Samira Jabeur and Ridha Jabeur are married till this date.

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Q. Did Ons Jabeur win a Grand Slam?

A. Ons Jabeur has not won any Grand Slam title yet.

Q. Who sponsors Ons Jabeur?

A. Kayanee, Evolve, Talan, Joossoor, Maximilian Jewellery, Wilson, and Haval sponsors Ons Jabeur.

Q. Who are Ons Jabeur's siblings?

A. Hatem Jabeur, Marwen Jabeur, and Yasmine Jabeur are Ons Jabeur's siblings.

Q. Who is Ons Jabeur's father?

A. Ridha Jabeur is the father of Ons Jabeur.

Q. What is the name of high school attended by Ons Jabeur?

A. Lycee Sportif El Menzah school is the name of high school attended by Ons Jabeur.