2019 NBA Summer League Schedule

Last Modified Jul 05, 2019 17:22 GMT

Acting as the virtual curtain raiser for the NBA season, the 2019 NBA Summer League kickstarts from Friday, 5 July. The regular season games will be held from 5 July to 11 July whereas the postseason games will take place from 12 July to 15 July. All the 30 NBA franchises and the national teams of Croatia and China form the pool of participants this time around.

The NBA Summer League allows rookies and sophomores to showcase their talent. More experienced league players who have failed to get much playing time over the last season also participate in the league in a bid to showcase what they bring to the table. The spotlight will undoubtedly be on Zion Williamson. Without further ado, let us have a look at the schedule:

2019 NBA Summer League Schedule - Regular season

5 JulyFridayPistons vs. Croatia3:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
5 JulyFriday76ers vs. Bucks3:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN2
5 JulyFridayTimberwolves vs. Cavaliers5:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
5 JulyFridayHeat vs. China5:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPNU
5 JulyFridayMavericks vs. Nets7:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
5 JulyFridayLakers vs. Bulls7:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
5 JulyFridayHornets vs. Warriors9:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
5 JulyFridayKnicks vs. Pelicans9:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
5 JulyFridayMagic vs. Spurs11:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
5 JulyFridaySuns vs. Nuggets11:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
6 JulySaturdayThunder vs. Jazz3:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
6 JulySaturdayTrail Blazers vs. Pistons3:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPNU
6 JulySaturdayHawks vs. Bucks5:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
6 JulySaturdayCeltics vs. 76ers5:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
6 JulySaturdayGrizzlies vs. Pacers7:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
6 JulySaturdayClippers vs. Lakers7:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPNU
6 JulySaturdayMavericks vs. Rockets9:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
6 JulySaturdayPelicans vs. Wizards10:00 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
6 JulySaturdayChina vs. Kings11:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
7 JulySundayRaptors vs. Warriors12:00 AMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
7 JulySundaySpurs vs. Hornets3:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN2
7 JulySundayNets vs. Croatia4:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
7 JulySundayTimberwolves vs. Hawks5:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN2
7 JulySundayNuggets vs. Magic6:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
7 JulySundayBulls vs. Cavaliers7:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
7 JulySundayJazz vs. Heat8:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
7 JulySundayKnicks vs. Suns9:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN
7 JulySundayRockets vs. Trail Blazers10:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
7 JulySundayGrizzlies vs. Clippers11:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN2
8 JulyMondayThunder vs. 76ers3:00 PMCox PavilionESPNU
8 JulyMondayKings vs. Mavericks3:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
8 JulyMondayPacers vs. Pistons5:00 PMCox PavilionESPNU
8 JulyMondayWizards vs. Nets5:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
8 JulyMondaySpurs vs. Raptors7:00 PMCox PavilionESPNU
8 JulyMondayCavaliers vs. Celtics7:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
8 JulyMondayBucks vs. Timberwolves9:00 PMCox PavilionESPNU
8 JulyMondayPelicans vs. Bulls9:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
8 JulyMondayChina vs. Hornets11:00 PMCox PavilionESPNU
8 JulyMondayWarriors vs. Lakers11:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
9 JulyTuesdayCroatia vs. Thunder3:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
9 JulyTuesdayHeat vs. Magic4:00 PMCox PavilionESPN2
9 JulyTuesdayPacers vs. Hawks5:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
9 JulyTuesdayTrail Blazers vs. Jazz6:00 PMCox PavilionESPN2
9 JulyTuesdaySuns vs. Grizzlies7:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
9 JulyTuesdayNuggets vs. Celtics8:00 PMCox PavilionESPN2
9 JulyTuesdayKnicks vs. Raptors9:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
9 JulyTuesdayKings vs. Rockets10:00 PMCox PavilionESPN2
9 JulyTuesdayClippers vs. Wizards11:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterNBA TV
10 JulyWednesday76ers vs. Pistons3:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
10 JulyWednesdayCroatia vs. Mavericks3:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPNU
10 JulyWednesdayHornets vs. Bulls5:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
10 JulyWednesdayMagic vs. Nets5:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPNU
10 JulyWednesdayTimberwolves vs. Heat7:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
10 JulyWednesdayCavaliers vs. Pelicans7:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN2
10 JulyWednesdaySpurs vs. Suns9:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
10 JulyWednesdayLakers vs. Knicks9:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN2
10 JulyWednesdayChina vs. Bucks11:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
10 JulyWednesdayWarriors vs. Nuggets11:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPNU
11 JulyThursdayRaptors vs. Pacers6:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
11 JulyThursdayHawks vs. Wizards6:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN2
11 JulyThursdayTrail Blazers vs. Thunder8:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
11 JulyThursdayJazz vs. Rockets8:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPNU
11 JulyThursdayKings vs. Clippers10:00 PMCox PavilionNBA TV
11 JulyThursdayCeltics vs. Grizzlies10:30 PMThomas & Mack CenterESPN 2

The postseason schedule is yet to be revealed.