Cividate 100/2 (10 ov)
Jinnah Brescia Cricket Club won by 20 runs.
Player of the match: Ahmad Hassan
A good win in the end for Jinnah Brescia this, defeating Cividate by 20 runs after having put up a decent effort with the bat courtesy the match-winning fifty from Hassan Ahmad and the extra runs that he scored after being dropped making the difference eventually as Cividate fell short by little. They started well and looked to be in the chase but the bowlers for Jinnah pulled things back with some real tidy overs in the middle that completely dried the runs up which meant Cividate had too much left for the end.

Dara Shikoh looked good for his 39 but he was the lone man fighting the battle as he failed to get support from any other batsmen in the middle. Muhammad Arslan with a decent cameo in the end but it was too little too late as they game was over by then for Cividate. Some thinking for them to do with the batting order and no other players firing that cost them the game. 

Top effort from Jinnah though to pull this back and once they started bowling well, Cividate had no chance whatsoever to comeback in the game. Although they could not pick a lot of wickets, they ensured to keep things tight and not let the batsmen score freely that put them under pressure which they succumbed to in the end. Excellent bowling from the likes of Sukhwinder Singh and Janaka Wass to help Jinnah defend the total and a comprehensive win for them. Stay tuned for more ECS action throughout the day. For the moment, this is Rishab and my partner Pratyush as we bid you goodbye! 
Runs for Cividate in the final over but it's too little too late for them. Eventually getting past the 100-mark but falling short in the end and a good win for Jinnah Brescia coming out to successfully defend the total and to pull things back after Cividate had started well!
Over: 10 | Summary: 5w 2w 0 1 1 6 4 0 Bowler: Humza Ishtiaq Score: 100/2
9.6 Humza Ishtiaq to Muhammad Arslan, good length delivery outside off-stump, Arslan goes for another big hit but gets an under edge to the keeper. Dot ball to finish. Jinnah Brescia seal the victory!

Jinnah Brescia beat Cividate by 20 runs. 
9.5 Humza Ishtiaq to Muhammad Arslan, FOUR! A touch too short angling into Arslan, stands tall and hammers his pull stroke to find the mid-wicket fence and collect the boundary
9.4 Humza Ishtiaq to Muhammad Arslan, SIX! In the slot delivery on the stumps, Arslan gets behind that one and whacks it through the line, back over the bowlers head for a maximum
9.3 Humza Ishtiaq to Bilal Ahmad, full delivery angling into Bilal, sets up for the big heave but gets an inside edge towards fine leg, for a single
9.2 Humza Ishtiaq to Muhammad Arslan, full delivery on the stumps, Arslan opens his stance and bunts it down to mid-on, to scamper through for a single. Direct hit and he was a goner!
9.1 Humza Ishtiaq to Muhammad Arslan, much better to the right-hander. Keeps it full and wide, just creeping inside the tramline. Dotball.
9.1 Humza Ishtiaq to Bilal Ahmad, Good lord, he's done it again! Wide down the leg-side, no chance for the keeper again as the batsmen sneak a single this time.
9.1 Humza Ishtiaq to Bilal Ahmad, OH DEAR ME! Tries to bang it in short but it's wayward and down the leg side. Nothing the keeper can do about that one, free five runs for Cividate.
This might just be the game for Jinnah from here! Excellent bowling at the death and Cividate clearly losing their way in this chase after having started well.  Big wicket of Dara Shikoh and that would end their hopes as well in this game.
Over: 9 | Summary: 1 1 1lb 1 0 W Bowler: Janaka Wass Score: 81/2
8.6 Janaka Wass to Dara Shikoh, CLEANED HIM UP! Nails another crunching yorker, the pressure gets to Dara as he plays across and the line and is beaten all ends up. The three stumps are shattered this time and this game is surely done and dusted!
8.5 Janaka Wass to Dara Shikoh, OH! Another brilliant yorker on the fifth stump line, Dara is beaten all ends up and is lucky to see all three stumps intact
8.4 Janaka Wass to Bilal Ahmad, full slower delivery outside off-stump, Bilal goes for another heave but splices it towards mid-wicket, to scamper through for a single
8.3 Janaka Wass to Dara Shikoh, huge shout for lbw! Umpire says no again. Nails a cracking yorker into Dara, who gets beaten on that occasion and is pinged on the pads. Sneaks a single towards cover.
8.2 Janaka Wass to Bilal Ahmad, back of a length slower delivery, Bilal goes for the wild pull stroke, gets a top edge towards square leg, to take the single
8.1 Janaka Wass to Dara Shikoh, full length delivery angling into Dara, works it towards deep mid-wicket, only for a single
Cividate fighting hard in this chase here trying to up the anti now after some tight overs in the middle. Dara Shikoh has been out there scoring the runs and looks like he will have to bat till the end if his side is to go past the line, after being dropped as well. Good over for Cividate this and they need a massive flourish from here!
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