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Cricket Stars 121/3 (10 ov)
Baracca Prato 122/5 (9 ov)
Baracca Prato won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Hanif Majid
That's about all that was written for this game - an entertaining encounter that saw the pendulum swing in either direction before stopping well in favour of Baracca Prato! The action in the ECS T10 Bologna continues though as the next game is set to begin very shortly. Do switch tabs to keep yourself up to date with all the action right here on Sportskeeda. For now though, on behalf of my colleague Pradeep Somashekar, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha, wishing you a good day! Thank you for tuning in and do take care!
As comprehensive a run-chase as it could get from Baracca Prato but they will have to thank their bowlers who pulled things back in the most incredible manner towards the second half of that first innings. With the score reading 81/0 in 5 overs and Sultan Hassan firing on all cylinders, one would have thought that the Cricket Stars were well on course for a mammoth total. However, barring Sultan, it didn't seem like anybody else got accustomed to the pace of the wicket. Suraj Prakash in particular was very scratchy despite the Baracca bowlers bowling all over the place. It was a late cameo from Adnan Saleem that catapulted Baracca to a score of 121/3 at the end of their 10-over quota.

Any doubts as to whether the Stars threw away at least 20-30 runs on the park while batting were vindicated with the way Baracca continuously ransacked their bowlers for fun. The Stars did start on a good note though, with a couple of tidy overs and the wicket of Ali Hassan who went for a golden duck. With the fall of Zaryab Arshad who infused momentum into the innings, skipper Dastageer Ghulam decided to up the ante with some belligerent hits to stay on par with the required rate. His wicket didn't seem to deter the ones who came out though - Muddssar Ali clubbed some important runs and that also rubbed off on Hanif Majid who blazed away to a 15-ball 37, embraced with five monstrous hits. It was all-rounder Karamat Ullah Khan who then added the finishing touches as the Stars had no answer to the barrage of hits coming their way from Baracca Prato!

This victory means that Baracca take a couple of critical points and some much-needed confidence especially with regards to how their struggling bowling attack bounced back to keep the Stars down. They will live to play another game in this tournament while the Cricket Stars will have to pack their bags post their final Round Robin clash against Kings XI CC.
Done with ease - a decimation almost as Baracca Prato romp home by 5 wickets with an over to spare! Cricket Stars are eliminated from the race with a fourth straight loss!
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 W 1 1 0 1 Bowler: Singh Prabhjeet Score: 122/5
8.6 Prabhjeet Singh to Hassan Ali, THAT'S IT! All over as Ali tucks that good length delivery down the long-on region for an easy single as Cricket Stars remain winless and are out of the tournament here!
8.5 Prabhjeet Singh to Hassan Ali, good length delivery on the outside off as Ali leans for it and looks to push it on the off-side but gets beaten
8.4 Prabhjeet Singh to Karamat Ullah Khan, back of a length on the outside off as Karamat off the backfoot cuts it away to the backward point region for a quick single. SCORES ARE LEVEL!
8.3 Prabhjeet Singh to Hassan Ali, short delivery on the off-stump as Ali on the backfoot taps it and keeps it down towards covers for a single
Good on Majid - decided to walk despite just a half-appeal from the keeper. But he has done his job here - a rollicking cameo studded with five maximums has left Baracca just one hit away from sealing the contest.
8.2 Prabhjeet Singh to Hanif Majid, OUT! CAUGHT BEHIND! Against the run of play CRS manages to pick up a wicket. Back of a length angling down the leg-side as Majid looks to hoick it away to the fine-leg but that takes something on the way as the keeper moves to his left to pouch it
8.1 Prabhjeet Singh to Hanif Majid, SIX! BANG! Majid is in a hurry here. Full delivery on the off-stump as he hangs back and POWERS that one straight down the ground and sails over the long-off fielder for a maximum! 3 needed of 11!
That lull in the middle-overs while batting is coming back to haunt the Stars. Hindsight agrees that they've left a lot of runs out there on the park and they are in need of a miracle to avoid being eliminated!
Over: 8 | Summary: 0 6 1 0 6 4 Bowler: Nalain Haider Score: 113/4
7.6 Nalain Haider to Karamat Ullah Khan, FOUR! Short delivery on the outside off as Karamat went for the pull shot but top edges and went over the short third-man fielder as it runs away to the boundary
Phew! That one had wings on it! Going, going..... and still going!
7.5 Nalain Haider to Karamat Ullah Khan, SIX! BANG! Full delivery into Karamat on the off-stump as he plants his front foot away and SMOKES that one way over the long-on fiedler's head for a maximum!
7.4 Nalain Haider to Karamat Ullah Khan, DOT BALL! Full delivery on the outside off. Karamat went for the ugly swing and misses, through to the keeper
7.3 Nalain Haider to Hanif Majid, back of a length on the middle and off as he gets behind the line and taps it to the point region for a quick single
That's as poor a delivery as it can get and all Majid had to do was pick it up on the rise and very fine. Brings up the 100 for Baracca Prato!
7.2 Nalain Haider to Hanif Majid, SIX! BOOM! Good length delivery on the pads as Majid shuffles inside the crease and WHACKS that one off the pads and that sails over the ropes for a maximum!
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