Troy Aikman Super Bowl Wins

Troy Aikman is a Dallas Cowboys legend and is a Pro-Football Hall of Famer. The quarterback spent 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys and won three Super Bowls throughout his career. Aikman won Super Bowl XXVII (1993), Super Bowl XXVIII (1994) and Super Bowl XXX (1996). Aikman was awarded the honour of a Super Bowl MVP in his first Super Bowl appearance. He has a total of 5 touchdown passes in his Super Bowl appearances and has thrown a total of 689 passing yards. Aikman has six Pro-Bowl selections and he also holds a perfect Super Bowl record (no losses in all appearances).

Full NameTroy Kenneth Aikman
TeamDallas Cowboys
Draft1989/ Round: 1/ Pick: 1
Super Bowl Win YearsXXVII(1993), XXVIII (1994), XXX (1996)

How many Super Bowls has Troy Aikman won?

Troy Aikman has won a total of three Super Bowls during his time playing for the Dallas Cowboys. He has appeared in the Super Bowl thrice and won in all three appearances. He won Super Bowl XXVII (1992 season), XXVIII (1993 season) and XXX (1995 season). Aikman was named the Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXVII.

Troy Aikman Super Bowl wins and losses

Troy Aikman is one of the best quarterbacks to have played in the NFL. Alon with running back Emmitt Smith and wide receiver Michael Irvin played a vital part in the Super Bowl wins for the Cowboys. In his first Super Bowl appearance Aikman faced the Buffalo Bills (Super Bowl XXVII). He completed 22 out of 30 passes and made 4 touchdown passes. Super Bowl XXVII was the best Super Bowl game for Aikman as the Cowboys defeated the Bills 52-17.

He won the Super Bowl with the Cowboys again in the consecutive season (Super Bowl XXVIII). He did not feature in the game as he suffered a concussion against the 49ers in the NFC Championship match of the season. The Cowboys faced the Buffalo Bills and defeated them again.

Aikman won his final Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Steelers (Super Bowl XXX) in a match, ending 27-17. He threw one touchdown pass in the match.

Troy Aikman Super Bowl games:

XXVII: Dallas Cowboys 52, Buffalo Bills 17 (1993)

XXVIII: Dallas Cowboys 30, Buffalo Bills 13 (1994)

XXX: Dallas Cowboys 27, Pittsburgh Steelers 17 (1996)

What is Troy Aikman’s Super Bowl record?

Troy Aikman’s Super Bowl record is 3-0. Although he did not appear in Super Bowl XXVIII (1994), he won the Super Bowl as a part of the Cowboys team.

What Super Bowls did Troy Aikman play in?

Here are the Super Bowl games where Troy Aikman appeared in:

XXVII: Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills (1993)

XXX: Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (1996)

* Super Bowl XXVIII not included as Aikman did not play the game

What teams did Troy Aikman win the Super Bowl against?

Here are the teams that Troy Aikman defeated to win the Super Bowls:

XXVII: Cowboys 52, Bills 17 (1993)

XXX: Cowboys 27, Steelers 17 (1996)

What teams did Troy Aikman lose the Super Bowl against?

Troy Aikman did not lose a Super Bowl in his career. He won three Super Bowls and started for the team in two of them.