69/9 (10)
16/0 (1)
Rain Delay : ALZ need 54 runs in 54 remaining balls
Rain played spoilsport and it's unfortunate that Hammarby have to exit the tournament in this manner. But having said that, they didn't click with the bat and only very few would've given them the chase to defend this total against the powerful Zalmi batting line-up.

 We have two more matches to go including a big final between Botyrka and Alby Zalmi. Catch all the updates on our Sportskeeda page and now, it's time to end the coverage as this is Pragadeesh signing off on behalf of my fellow commentator Maanas. See yaa
Unfortunately, the second semi-final between Alby Zalmi and Hammarby has been abandoned. Alby Zalmi qualify for the final as the highest-ranked team
Oh wait, It's raining heavily in Stockholm and the players are heading towards the dugout. The covers are out in the middle
Rahel Khan starts doing Rahel Khan things and Zalmi are off to a flying start. He was cautious in the first few deliveries but then decided enough is enough, smashing a mighty six over mid-wicket before a wristy flicky over square leg
16 /0 score
cricket bat icon Rahel Khan *
12 (5)
cricket bat icon Ismaeel Zia
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Aftab Ahmad
0 /16
0.6 Aftab Ahmad to Rahel Khan, full and on the off stump, nipping away, Khan pushes that out towards mid off for a quick single. An overthrow allows the batters to return for the second. 
0.5 Aftab Ahmad to Rahel Khan, FOUR! SHOT! Back of a length ball on the off stump line, Khan shuffles across and gently pulls that through the backward square leg region for a boundary!
0.4 Aftab Ahmad to Rahel Khan, SIX! BANG! Bowled on a good length and on the fourth stump line, lacks venom and sits up nicely for Khan, who rocks back and pulls that over the mid-wicket region for a huge maximum!
0.3 Aftab Ahmad to Rahel Khan, no run, short of a length once again and swings away to fizz past the outside edge of Khan's bat. 
0.2 Aftab Ahmad to Rahel Khan, no run, back of a length ball outside off, nips away and beats the outside edge of Khan's bat. 
0.1 Aftab Ahmad to Ismaeel Zia, back of a length ball outside off, Zia slashes that over the fielder at point for a quick single. 
0.1 Aftab Ahmad to Rahel Khan, WIDE! Sprayed well down the leg side and the keeper fumbled behind the stumps, allowing a single. 
0.1 Aftab Ahmad to Rahel Khan, WIDE! Full and outside off, past the tramline and that will be a wide to start off proceedings. 
Aftab Ahmad will open the attack, Rahel Khan is on strike
Alby Zalmi need 70 runs in 60 balls
Alby Zalmi restricted Hammarby to a below-par total and they could fancy chasing this. Hammarby had a good start to their innings as they put up a 31-run opening stand, with Khalid Mehmood being the aggressor in the partnership. We witnessed some poor fielding from Zalmi fielders as they failed to grab some easy catches. They handed a lot of lifelines to Khalid Mehmood, but he fell in the 4th over, before Dawoodzai dismissed the big fish, Azam Mohammad.

Then, Hammarby started losing wickets in clusters and the runs have dried up as well. Just a solitary boundary and a six came after the wicket of Khalid Mehmood. Zalmi's fielding too has improved in the middle overs and the bowlers continued to make life difficult for the batters

Well, Hammarby just posted a total that won't plague the powerful Zalmi batting order. The bowlers have to come up with some magical spells to book Hammarby's place in the final. But this seems very unlikely, but you never know. Let's see what happens in the chase, don't go anywhere as we will be back in a bit.
69 /9 score
cricket bat icon Muhammad Munir *
3 (6)
cricket bat icon Qazi Rashid
3 (3)
cricket ball icon Javaid Dawoodzai
3 /13
9.6 Javid Dawoodzai to Muhammad Munir, OUT! KNOCKS HIM OVER! Full, straight and quick, Munir has a wild hoick across the line but is undone by the sheer pace on that. The ball rattles the stumps and Hammarby complete their innings with an under-par score of 69/9 from their allotted quota of 10 overs!
9.5 Javid Dawoodzai to Qazi Rashid, full and on the off stump line, Rashid chips that down to long off for a single. 
9.4 Javid Dawoodzai to Muhammad Munir, full and on the leg stump line, Munir misses the flick. The ball deflects off his pads into the off side as the batters scampers across for a quick single.