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SaltsJobaden CC 93/7 (10 ov)
SaltsJobaden CC won by 10 runs.
That was an end to an exciting clash between SaltsJobaden CC and Alby Zalmi Cricket Club U23 but unfortunately, Alby Zalmi fell short by 10 runs during the run chase.

Talking about the match, it was a good but slow start by SJCC but managed to get an above PAR score of 93 runs on the board. Thanks to the great knocks by Khursheed Alam, Shahid Ali and Shah Zeb. They could have put on a higher total on the board but bowling of Sami Khalil and Faseeh Choudhary was hard to handle as they managed to pick up 5 wickets from just 4 overs but had sadly missed their chances of picking up a hat-trick.

After being asked to chase 94 from 60 balls, AZ U23 were not up to their mark during the first few overs but later on had come closer after a magnificent show by Munib Safi (32 off 23). The happiness didn't last long as Munib was short of his crease and had to walk back to the pavilion. Finally, Sami Khalil tried to get back things for his team but failed to do so due to lack of support in the batting and the game slipped out of their hands.

Congratulations to SaltsJobaden CC for making it into the semis.

It's me, Mohamed Farzan and my colleague, Dwijesh Reddy signing off. That’s it for the day! Hope to meet you guys soon again. Good Bye!
That's the end of the match. AZ U23 were capable of getting 83 runs in the chase but that won't be enough. SaltsJobaden CC win the match by 10 runs and have booked their slot in the semis.
9.6 Khurshed Alam to Munir Safi, FOUR! Safi heaves a full ball towards deep midwicket and his helped by the fielder, who misfields and lets it go for a four! Nevertheless, SCC has won this game by 10 runs and qualifies for the semi-final!
9.5 Khurshed Alam to Munir Safi, length ball on middle and Safi heaves it to long-on. They come around for a double!
9.4 Khurshed Alam to Sami Khalil, played back to the bowler for just a run!
9.3 Khurshed Alam to Sami Khalil, Sami smashes it to the leg side once again and gets two more runs! They now need 18 off 3!
9.2 Khurshed Alam to Sami Khalil, Sami flicks a length ball on leg towards deep square leg for another four! Handy runs these for the allrounder!
9.1 Khurshed Alam to Sami Khalil, SWING AND A MISS! Too quick for Sami on that occasion
9.1 Khurshed Alam to Sami Khalil, wide to start the over! Pressure building on both the sides
Khursheed Alam to bowl the last over
End of the 9th over, AZ U23 are 69/7. They need 25 runs from the last over.

A great play by the lower-order batsman. All eyes on Sami Khalil and Munir Saifi. 
8.6 Qazi Rashid to Munir Safi, slower and fuller on off-stump, Safi can only toe-end it back to the bowler. No run!
8.5 Qazi Rashid to Sami Khalil, a low full-toss on the pads, Sami gets some bat on it and gets a run
8.4 Qazi Rashid to Munir Safi, full ball on off-stump, Safi plays it down the ground for a single
8.3 Qazi Rashid to Munir Safi, good ball from Rashid who beats the batsman all ends up but the keeper cannot collect and allows four byes!
8.2 Qazi Rashid to Sami Khalil, Sami gets a single with a push to point!
8.1 Qazi Rashid to Sami Khalil, FOUR! It was a juicy half-volley and Sami has absolutely smashed that towards the off-side for a much-needed boundary! 
End of the 8th over, AZ U23 are 58/7. They need another 36 runs from 2 overs.
7.6 Imran Ullah to Sami Khalil, another run added to the total! 
7.5 Imran Ullah to Faseeh Choudhary, STUMPED! Imran Ullah foxes Faseeh, who comes down the track and fails to connect there. An easy stumping for the keeper, who is having a mixed bag today!
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