Pakistan CC 141/3 (10 ov)
Austria CC Wien 119/2 (10 ov)
Pakistan CC won by 22 runs.
Pakistan CC manages to win this match by 22 runs!!

And the Pakistan CC manages to qualify through as Austria CC Wien are now out of the competition!! It was sure high scoring game as for Austria CC Wien there was a one-man army who managed to get to his Century right towards the end and it was something for his side to cheer about as they ended on the losing side!!

Unfortunately for Austria CC Wien, they needed everyone who came on to bat to hit to chip in but no one was up for the task except for Hassan Ashfaq. The Pakistan CC bowlers manage to bowl good lines for the second half of the innings from sixth over to eighth over and that is all that was a need for them to win this match as the pressure of scoring the runs was on Austria CC Wien.

That's it for the game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage of the game between the Pakistan CC and Austria CC Wien. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing action, this is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Abhinav Singh signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
9.6 Naveed Hassan to Hassan Ashfaq, SIX! Oh MY God! He has done it! Hassan gets a gentle loosener in the slot and clobbers the ball straight down the ground for a MASSIVE SIX to reach his HUNDRED off the final delivery of the inning!  Austria CC Wien might have lost the match but Ashfaq's inning would have given them something to cheer about!
9.5 Naveed Hassan to Hassan Ashfaq, SIX! in the slot, Hassan hangs deep back in the crease and goes downtown whilst holding his magnificent pose for a huge SIX! He moves onto 94! Place your bets, fellas, now!
9.4 Naveed Hassan to Hassan Ashfaq, FOUR! length ball sprayed down the legside, A gift for the right-hander who merely guided it to fine-leg for a boundary! Ashfaq moves onto 88 with 2 deliveries remaining It's now all about Ashfaq's 100 rather than the match!!!
9.3 Naveed Hassan to Hassan Ashfaq, in the blockhole and played down the ground! Ashfaq doesn't run! He wants that hundred!
9.2 Naveed Hassan to Hassan Ashfaq, SIX! overpitched on the stumps and clobbered over midwicket for a huge SIX! And Ashfaq moves on to 84 runs off 38 balls!
9.1 Naveed Hassan to J Bahramkhil, length ball on middle and off, nearly gets the offstump! The keeper fumbles and Ashfaq scampers to get back on strike
At the end of the 9th over ACW is 96/2. They now need 46 runs in the last 6 balls and PAKCC now surely has this match in their grasps!!
8.6 Jaweed Sadran to Hassan Ashfaq, another ball pitched on a good length area, deviates ever so slightly and Ashfaq misses the line of the ball yet again.
8.5 Jaweed Sadran to Hassan Ashfaq, full ball on the fifth stump line and the set-batsman attempts an ugly hoick!
8.4 Jaweed Sadran to Hassan Ashfaq, half-volley on the stumps and dug out to long on for quick brace!
8.3 Jaweed Sadran to Hassan Ashfaq, low fulltoss yet again and crunched away to the gap between long-off and extra cover for an exquisite boundary
8.2 Jaweed Sadran to Hassan Ashfaq, length ball on the seventh stump line and the batsman misses the ball
8.1 Jaweed Sadran to Hassan Ashfaq, yorker length ball on stumps, lofted over the bowlers head for a quick double
8.1 Jaweed Sadran to Hassan Ashfaq, NO-BALL! HIGH fulltoss and just tapped over extra cover for a boundary
At the end of the 8th over ACW is 83/2. Another good over for PAKCC as Hayat gives only 7 runs off it. ACW now need 59 runs in 12 balls!! Unfortunately for ACW, there is no one beside Ashfaq who can keep the scoreboard ticking!!
7.6 S Hayat to J Bahramkhil, short ball outside off and square cut straight to backward point for no run!
7.5 S Hayat to T Rezai, STUMPING, length ball, pushed slower through the air, the new batsman jumped down the crease to go downtown but the ball spins away and the keeper whips off the bails in a flash 
7.4 S Hayat to Hassan Ashfaq, length ball on pads, flicked to deep midwicket for a single
7.3 S Hayat to Hassan Ashfaq, back of length ball, hit straight to point
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