66/6 (8)
PKC won by 4 wickets
That's it from me, Rajarshi, and my co-commentator Sooryanarayanan, as we conclude our ECS coverage for today. We will be back with more ECS action tomorrow, starting with Pragadeesh and Rishab bringing you the action from Pakistan CC vs Vienna CC at 12 noon (IST). Sri Lanka and Australia are in a tough, tough contest among themselves in the 4th ODI of the 5-match series, so hop tabs as Pradeep and Raghav call the action from the game. Goodbye for now!
What a bizarre roller coaster ride this chase was! The bowler, Adal Afzal, almost throws his glasses off in frustration upon watching the catch go down, and then thought better of it! The target was a meagre 65, but the Austrian Cricket Tigers just didn't let up, they kept chipping away at the wickets column right from the start! Naveed Hassan and Shadnan Khan accelerated the scoring after Amar Naeem was cleaned up first ball, but both of them got out shortly afterwards. A partnership of 28 between Muhammad Qasim and Ruhullah Abdurahimzai took Pakistan CC to the brink, but with 8 runs left, ACT struck thrice in extremely quick succession, and there were still signs of nerves among the men in green. But a couple of boundaries in the 8th over finished off the nervy run-chase. Hayat was ecstatic, Afzal agonized. Pakistan CC win the battle of the table toppers and ultimately take the top spot today.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Adal Afzal
7.6 Adal Afzal to Sikandar Hayat, FOUR! THREADS THE FIELDER! Sums up the game as it comes to a close! Short outside off, Hayat stands tall and thumps it flat towards sweeper cover who hares in but alas, lets it thread his fingertips before it evades him to the fence. Game, set and match to Pakistan CC!
7.5 Adal Afzal to Sikandar Hayat, FOUR! Drifting onto the pads and Hayat hangs back before hopping off his feet to whip it around the corner. As unorthodox as they come but he manages to pick out the long leg fence past the fielder.
7.4 Adal Afzal to Abuseen Dostahil, SO NEARLY! OH DEAR! Stands deep in his crease before getting across to stand tall as he has a wild hack at this shortish delivery outside off. The ball just evades the stumps though and trickles to short fine leg for a single.
Abuseen Dostahil, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
7.3 Adal Afzal to Ziaurrahman Shinwari, OUT! OFF A LONG HOP! This is an absolutely wretched drag down at the stumps and Shinwari duly looks to pound it over square leg. Alas though, he sends it straight down the throat of the boundary rider and that's a gift for the Tigers!

Ziaurrahman Shinwari c Naveed Hussain b Adal Afzal 0 (1b)
Ziaurahman Shinwari, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
7.2 Adal Afzal to Ruhullah Abdurahimzai, OUT! Tossed up short delivery outside off, Ruhullah rocks back in his crease and flat-bats it wayyy into the sky before it drops into the hands of the fielder at long off. Very well-judged in the end, it must be said!

Ruhullah Abdulrahimzai c Aqib Iqbal b Adal Afzal 21 (16b 3x4 1x6)
7.1 Adal Afzal to Ruhullah Abdurahimzai, arm ball on a good length at the stumps, Ruhullah hangs back and knocks it back into the pitch.
The 4th wicket did come for ACT, but Pakistan CC are only 8 runs away from victory.
57 /4 score
cricket bat icon Ruhullah Abdurahimzai
21 (14)
cricket bat icon Sikandar Hayat *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Balwinder Singh
1 /11
6.6 Balwinder Singh to Sikandar Hayat, slower short delivery outside off, angles across as Hayat shapes for a heave off the back foot in vain.
Sikandar Hayat, right-handed bat, comes to the crease
6.5 Balwinder Singh to Muhammad Qasim, OUT! HOLES OUT THIS TIME! In the arc on off stump, Qasim clears his front leg aiming to deposit it into next week. Shanks it a countrymile into the sky before deep mid-wicket settles a comfortable few yards in front of the ropes to hold on.

Muhammad Qasim c Imran Asif b Balwinder Singh 6 (9b)
6.4 Balwinder Singh to Muhammad Qasim, stays around the wicket but this one nips back in off a good length on middle stump. Qasim hops back and stabs it out under his eyeline.
6.3 Balwinder Singh to Ruhullah Abdurahimzai, slower short delivery outside off, angles away as Ruhullah waits before reaching out as he throws his wrists at it. Off the toe-end and it drops just short of short third man who takes some time to gather himself, thereby allowing the single.
6.2 Balwinder Singh to Ruhullah Abdurahimzai, FOUR MORE! TOP SHOT! Pulls his length back just a touch, lands around off as Balwinder rocks back and brings out a wristy carve over backward point for a delightful boundary.
6.1 Balwinder Singh to Ruhullah Abdurahimzai, SIX! BOOM! In the arc at the stumps, Ruhullah backs away and mousses it with a booming swing over mid-wicket to send it traveling way back over the fence!