144/5 (10)
150/4 (8.3)
BSH won by 6 wickets
That's all from us then! We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this ECS T10 match between the Badalona Shaheen and Falco. This is Soumarya Dutta, signing off on behalf of my partner Mohul. See you soon!
Badalona Shaheen 150/4 in 8.3 over's
Mati Ur Rehman 48(21) | Farrukh Sohail 48(13)
Muhammad Sheraz 1/17
| Dilawar Hussain 1/15

What an incredible run chase from Badalona Shaheen! They've pulled this one off from the jaw's of defeat here. They were looking down and out at the halfway stage when they need almost 80 of the last 5 over's. But some unbelievable hitting by Mati, Khizar and Farukkh Sohail got them there. In the end it was a bit of an anti-climax as they got 5 penalty run's and won with 1 over to spare.

For the Falco, their bowler's were really disappointing as they hardly got their line and length's correct. Hassan Ali in particular was really expensive as he gave away 48 runs in two overs and it was his second over where the game turned around in favour of Badalona Shaheen as he went for 34 runs.

Overall, a great win for BSH and their upward ascent continues in the tournament. Falco though, will have to win their remaining games if they have to qualify for the play-offs stage.
8.3 Ijaz Hussain to Mati Ur Rehman, SIX! Badalona win this game by 6 wickets! At a length on middle, Rehman swivels and deposits this one way over the deep fine leg fielder for a MAXIMO!
8.2 Ijaz Hussain to Maxi Hoeck, fullish outside off, Hoeck drives to cover for a run.

Maxi Hoeck, RHB, comes to the crease.
8.1 Ijaz Hussain to Dilawar Khan, OUT! Fullish outside off, Khan swings at it but gets a thin edge through to the keeper, who makes no mistake whatsoever!

Dilawar Khan c Kamran Riaz b I Hussain 2(3b 0x4 0x6)
Ijaz Hussain, Left arm medium, comes back into the attack.

What an unbelievable turn around for Badalona Shaheen! Farukkh Sohail and Mati have just taken this game away from the Falcon's. They just need 6 runs to win now.
138 /3 score
cricket bat icon Malik-Mati-Ur-Rehman *
42 (20)
cricket bat icon Dilawar Khan
2 (2)
cricket ball icon Razaqat Ali
1 /16
7.6 Razaqat Ali to Mati Ur Rehman, FREE HIT, and SIX! Shortish on middle and leg, Rehman swivels and lofts it over deep square for a MAXIMO!
7.5 Razaqat Ali to Mati Ur Rehman, NO BALL as the ball is pitched outside the tramline!
7.5 Razaqat Ali to Dilawar Khan, fullish on middle and leg, Khan sweeps it to deep square for a run.
7.4 Razaqat Ali to Mati Ur Rehman, fullish on middle, Rehman works it to midwicket for a run.
7.3 Razaqat Ali to Mati Ur Rehman, SIX! Tossed up on middle, Rehman goes down on a knee and slog sweeps this one over deep midwicket for a MAXIMO!
7.2 Razaqat Ali to Dilawar Khan, tossed up on middle, Khan sweeps it to deep square for a run.

Dilawar Khan, RHB, comes to the crease.
7.1 Razaqat Ali to Farrukh Sohail, OUT! Loopy delivery on middle, Sohail steps down the track but evades the line of the ball and is BEATEN. The keeper has enough time to dislodge the bails as Sohail is STUMPED!

Farrukh Sohail st Kamran Riaz b Razaqat Ali 48(14b 3x4 5x6)
Razaqat Ali, right arm leg break, into the attack.

Wow! This game has turned on it's head here. Badalona Shaheen have come back from no where and they're on top now. Only took them two massive over's and they need only 23 runs in 3 over's.
122 /2 score
cricket bat icon Malik-Mati-Ur-Rehman
29 (16)
cricket bat icon Farrukh Sohail *
48 (13)
cricket ball icon Kamran Raja
0 /18
6.6 Kamran Raja to Farrukh Sohail, at a length outside off, Sohail HEAVES it to deep midwicket for a run.
6.5 Kamran Raja to Mati Ur Rehman, pitched outside leg, Rehman swings at it but MISSES! A LEG BYE taken.
6.4 Kamran Raja to Farrukh Sohail, DROPPED! Fulltoss outside off, Sohail lofts it to deep midwicket, where he is dropped. Single taken.