132/8 (10)
121/10 (9.5)
Netherlands XI won by 11 runs.
Probably one of the most dramatic games you will ever see! Belgium were cruising until the 8th over and after that, from no where, Netherlands-XI have pulled this back in the final two overs in style and how! Seven wickets in the last twelve deliveries and it is not everyday that we see such a collapse! 

A brave call from skipper Sebastian to bowl Olivier in the ninth over, which paid off and turned the game in their tide. He himself came on to bowl the final over and made sure that the job was done! If you are Belgium, you are going to need some time to process what has just happened here! 

There could have been no better way to bring Belgium's unbeaten run to an end. A much-needed victory for Netherlands-XI after back to back losses yesterday. With this, they will confirm their place in the top three and this has been a truly inspirational performance. 

Belgium have no one but themselves to blame for given the way they bottled this chase after it was well and truly in their control all the way. This has been a terrific game of cricket as the action is only getting better and better with every game now! 

That is all we have from this game though, as I (Rishab) and Karthik take your leave. More entertaining action coming your way throughout the day so do stay tuned folks!
That is that! What a dramatic end to this game! Belgium are bundled out from a position of strength and this is one of the best comebacks you will ever see. Sebastian Braat and his men have pulled off an incredible win to make it to the top three! 
121 /10 score
cricket bat icon Adnan Razaaq
1 (1)
cricket bat icon Fahim Bhatti *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Sebastiaan Braat
4 /16
9.6 Sebastiaan Braat to Fahim Bhatti, full-toss, Fahim slaps it to deep extra-cover. The fielder catches the ball and throws it to Braat who whips off the bails. The two batsmen were just ball-watching. That was a no-ball but Belgium have been bowled out for 121
Three in the over again! This has been such a dramatic collapse as wickets fall in clusters. This should be it for the Dutch! 
9.5 Sebastiaan Braat to Murid Ekrami, full on the stumps, Murid looks to slog but he misses and the woodwork has been disturbed yet again. WICKET!! Murid Ekrami b S Braat 1 (2b 0x4 0x6)
13 off 2 needed!
9.4 Sebastiaan Braat to Adnan Razzaq, full outside-off, Razzaq lifts it to long-on for a single
Skipper taking responsibility here! Eight down now! They are all pumped and why not!
9.3 Sebastiaan Braat to Khalid Ahmadzai, full-toss, Khalid looks to slog but he misses and the stumps have been castled. WICKET!! Khalid Ahmadzai b S Braat 0 (1b 0x4 0x6)
9.2 Sebastiaan Braat to Murid Ekrami, full outside-off, Murid miscues it to the off-side for a single
15 off 5!
This is absolutely sensational! What a comeback from the Dutch this has been. Huge wicket! 
9.1 Sebastiaan Braat to Ali Raza, full delivery, Raza slogs it to long-on where Julian De Mey catches the ball and parries it to Boris Gorlee to compete a stunning catch. WICKET!! Ali Raza c B Gorlee b S Braat 54 (23b 3x4 6x6)
Sebastian Braat with the final over!
The gamble to bowl Elenbaas in the penultimate over has paid off well for Netherlands-XI! Three wickets in the over, and this game is going down the wire indeed! What a terrific over this! The drama is surely on here. Belgium need 15 off the final over. This can go anywhere! 
118 /6 score
cricket bat icon Ali Raza
54 (22)
cricket bat icon Faisal Mehmood *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Olivier Elenbaas
3 /8
8.6 Olivier Elenbaas to Faisal Mehmood, wide, short of a length delivery, Faisal lifts it to deep extra-cover where Sebastiaan Braat takes the catch. WICKET!! Faisal Mehmood c S Braat b O Elenbaas 1 (2b 0x4 0x6)
8.5 Olivier Elenbaas to Ali Raza, length delivery, Raza swings it to deep mid-wicket for a single
8.4 Olivier Elenbaas to Faisal Mehmood, short of a length delivery, Faisal pushes it to the sweeper for a single
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