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Assam 157/5 (20 ov)
Bengal 144/8 (20 ov)
Assam won by 13 runs.
And with that, Assam have won this match by 13 runs!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Assam and Bengal. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Pratyush Rohra signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Once Manoj departed, Assam saw this as an opportunity as they had the chance to get back into this match. The wickets just started to tumble one after another. Assam towards the backend bowled really well and created the pressure on the Bengal batters who were just looking to go for the big hit where they crumbled.

From 103 for 3 in the 13th, Bengal could add only 39 runs batting till the end which goes to show how badly their middle order exposed by the Assam bowling unit here! No other batsman could hang around Anustup to see them home and these are the area where Bengal will need to work up on going forward!
For Bengal, the experienced batters Anustup Majumdar and Manoj Tiwary came out to the middle and got their side out of a pickle by seeing off a few overs. The duo sooner started to explore their shots and laid the foundation for their side once again.

They managed to a 50 run stand between the two, they looked to continued with big-hitting but Manoj played one shot too many as he skied one in the air and lost his wicket batting on 22 runs. Anustup continued to bat along at the other end.
Coming into chase the total, Bengal had the best of starts as their openers Shreevats Goswami and Vivek Singh continuing to do what they did best. They started hammering the boundaries and kept the scoreboard up and running.

Both the openers were sent packing back to back and the pressure was back on Bengal as their openers have been the major run-scorer for them. Goswami scored 16 runs whereas Vivek scored 21 runs.
What an amazing last over that was from Pritam Das, he did not make any error with his lines and made sure that no boundary was scored anywhere. He stuck to bowling in the blockhole and Anustup who remained not out on 48 runs just could not get his side across the line.
19.6 Pritam Das to Mukesh Kumar, finds the yorker outside off stump again, driven towards long-off in the gap for a couple of runs but that's enough for them to win the game!

Assam have stolen this one from right under Bengal's nose to win this game by 13 runs!
19.5 Pritam Das to Prayas Ray Barman, CLEANED HIM UP! Right in the blockhole as Barman wildly swings his bat at it, only to see the ball hit the bottom of his stumps! The bowler trips after his run up but that doesn't stop him from exclaiming with joy!
19.4 Pritam Das to Anustup Majumdar, excellent delivery, full outside off stump again as Majumdar slogs it towards deep mid-wicket only to get a single. That's the game done for Bengal. That should do it, 16 runs needed from the last 2 balls!
19.3 Pritam Das to Prayas Ray Barman, in the blockhole yet again! Huge heave by Barman only towards backward square leg to get a single. Need 3 sixes to win this match the Bengal, match favoring Assam here!
19.2 Pritam Das to Anustup Majumdar, in the blockhole again as Majumdar can only play it towards long on for a single. 18 needed from 5, need a boundary the Bengal!!
19.1 Pritam Das to Prayas Ray Barman, full delivery, Barman manages to get some bat on it and scamper through for a single. 19 runs needed from 5 now!
The Bengal batting has had a collapse here, Akash Deep the new man looks to goo big and loses his wicket as well. Bengal need 20 runs from the final over now!! Bengal who were cruising through to the chase now look like might even lose this match here!! Big ask for Anustup here to pull this off!!

Pritam Das comes on to bowl the final over!
18.6 Rajjakuddin Ahmed to Anustup Majumdar, full delivery outside off stump, Majumdar can't do anything except dig that one out back to the bowler. Excellent over that!
Assam are now on top of this game as Bengal lose their 7th
18.5 Rajjakuddin Ahmed to Akash Deep, IN THE AIR! TAKEN! Slower delivery was pitched up again, Akash Deep wants to send this into the second tier but only manages to get a top edge that's gone high in the air only for the keeper to take it in the end!
18.4 Rajjakuddin Ahmed to Anustup Majumdar, full delivery, driven towards sweeper covers to get a single.

Akash Deep is the new batsman in for Bengal
18.3 Rajjakuddin Ahmed to Writtick Chatterjee, RUNOUT! Disastrous! Short of a length delivery as Writtick wanted to paddle it but it hit his pads and went to the keeper. Majumdar ran through to the strikers end while Writtick was ball watching and doesn't make his ground to the non strikers end!
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