160/5 (20)
160/8 (20)
Match tied (KAR won the one-over eliminator)
It's been a roller coaster of emotions this one for both teams. One minute Karnataka on top, the other Bengal on top. A high intensity clash, among two well deserving teams. But there can be only one winner at the end, and today it is Karnataka, who come out on top! A brave effort by Bengal, and they should be happy with the way they fought back at the end, but it was still not enough. 

That's all we have for you, from this humdinger! We hope you enjoyed this game, as much as we did, bringing it to you. On behalf of my co-commentato, Pradeep Somashekar, and myself, it will be Ankit Sharma, bidding you goodbye! Do take care and stay safe! 
Come the super over, a misjudgement by Bengal to not have Chowdhury on strike. Kaif Ahmed took strike, was beaten for turn on the first delivery, and wa caught at long off, off the second. Cariappa using his experience to put Bengal under pressure once again. Goswami walks out at 3, scores a gorgeous boundary of the next ball, and is runout for the second time today, on the very next ball. 

Cariappa had done his job, as the target was only 6 for Karnataka to chase! They decided to stick with experience, as skipper Manish Pandey took strike, alongside Karun Nair. 

Pandey mistimed his pull shot, and was almost caught at mid wicket, had the player been on the 30 yard circle. The fielder was well inside the circle, and Pandey managed to go back for the second. Mukesh Kumar did not have a lot of runs to play with, as he ended up bowling a short of a good length next up, and was smoked for a magnificent six on the second ball. 

It was skipper Manish Pandey who forced the super over, with a runout on the final ball of the chase, and it was skipper Manish Pandey to score the winning runs as well, that too with a six! He's seen his team through to the semi finals, and will be hoping for a better performance on Saturday against Vidarbha! 
What a game we've witnessed here! Saving the best for the last I suppose! A game that goes down to the wire, and that needs a super over to decide who clinches the last semi final spot! It was impossible to choose a winner for the entirety of 40 overs, as the game kept changing, with both teams ahead at some point. 

Thanks to Karun Nair's marvellous effort, Karnataka managed 160 on the board, which initially seemed too far fetched. He was supported well by Manohar, Pandey and Joshi, but it was Nair's unbeaten knock that is a sure shot match winner. Among wickets falling, Nair stood tall, and steered his team towards a competitive total. 

Shreevats Goswami started off the chase with in a flamboyant fashion, notching up 20 run straight up off the first over, only to be dismissed soon after. Das went for a poor shot, and ended up gifting his wicket on the very first ball. Goswami seemed in nice touch, but took a chance for a run, that was never on offer. He was short of his crease, and had to walk back. 

Writtick Chatterjee was the star for Bengal, carrying the team on his back, as he ended up with 51 runs from 40 balls. Sudip Chatterjee, and Kaif Ahmed looked in good nick as well, but came under pressure with the variations of the oppositions, and were dismissed after a mere start. It was Ritwik Chowdhury then, who showcased his skills, and marched his team back into the game. 

Chowdhury had the support of Pramanik, and Akash at the latter stages, but it was the two sixes in the starting of the 20th over, that brought Bengal right back into the game. They needed 20 off the last 6 deliveries, and the odds of it were unlikely. Chowdhury notched up 12 off the first two, and put the pressure on the bowler. 

A single followed on the next delivery, but it was Akash Deep's cracking boundary on the fourth delivery, where Bengal believed, they still have a chance. A couple more runs on the next ball, and it was 1 run from 1 ball. The field was in, and among all the 11 fielders on the pitch, Akash ended up tickling the ball towards the best fielder of them all, Manish Pandey. Pandey executed a direct throw, and forced a super over. 
MANISH PANDEY FOR THE WIN! He may not have shown his experience earlier in the first innings, but he's whacked this one right from the middle of the bat. Bags in a fantastic six, as clean as they come, and a massive one too! Karnataka triumph over Bengal in the super over, and will go through to the semi finals! 
0.2 Mukesh Kumar to Manish Pandey, SIX! DONE AND DUSTED! Manish Pandey the hero Karnataka needed, run-out then and now seals the game with a humongous MAXIMUM, takes Karnataka to Semi-Finals! Short on the off-stump, Pandey picks the length early, stood tall and DISPATCHES it into the stands, sails all the over deep mid-wicket for a maximum!. What a thriller it turned out to be and Karnataka held their nerve in the end!
In the air and safe! A mistimed pull shot, goes just behind mid wicket, and he surely would have had his heart in his mouth, Manish Pandey. 4 runs needed from 5 balls!
0.1 Mukesh Kumar to Manish Pandey, OH DEAR! Short delivery into Pandey on the middle and off, goes to pull that one away but miscues it just over the mid-wicket and they hare back for the second.
Karun Nair, RHB, walks out to the middle along with Manish Pandey, RHB. Pandey to take strike. Karnataka sticking to the experienced duo, and why not. It will be Mukesh Kumar, the experienced campaigner himself, who will shoulder the responsibility of defending 5 runs! 
And we're back for what should be the final over of the day! The super over chase! Karnataka need 6 runs to win from 6 balls in the super over! 
A mystery it will be, why Kaif was on strike, and not Rutwick Chowdhury. Another mystery will be why Writtick Chatterjee was not sent instead of Kaif Ahmed, especially after the innings either of them have had today. Karnataka surely have the advantage now, with just 6 runs to score. It can be done in just one delivery, or it can be done in six, with a single on every delivery, KC Cariappa has shown his experience, and has given a significant advantage to his team. 
Ohh Goswami! He's been runout for the second time in the same game, first in the chase, and second, in the super over! Chowdhury, who has been key in forcing this super over, has not batted at all! 
0.4 KC Cariappa to Shreevats Goswami, RUN-OUT! Length delivery on the middle and leg as Goswami heaves it to deep mid-wicket and they decide to come back for the brace. Goswami puts in the dive and the keeper collects and whips the bails off, could be curtains for Bengal here!

Replays showed that Goswami well short of his crease, this is disastrous for Bengal! Karnataka need 6 runs to reach the Semi-Finals!
Goswami picking up where he left off the first over of the chase! Carves a boundary out towards deep point, and penetrates the gap accurately. 
0.3 KC Cariappa to Shreevats Goswami, FOUR! Short on the outside off as Goswami on the backfoot cuts it away, beats the cover fielder and runs away to the fence for a boundary.
Shreevats Goswami, LHB, comes to the crease 
Kaif Ahmed, might not have been the ideal candidate to take strike. He goes after one, muscling it towards long off, but the ball does not have the elevation it needed. Still 0 runs on the board, and Cariappa finally has a wicket for him. 
0.2 KC Cariappa to Kaif Ahmad, OUT! HIT FLAT AND STRAIGHT TO LONG-OFF! Drops it short, round armish and Kaif powers it but not much elevation, Nair at long-off takes a stunning catch and Bengal in real trouble with two dot balls!

Kaif Ahmed c K Nair B KC Cariappa 0 (2) 
A dot ball, something you cannot afford or do not want as a batter in the super over! 5 deliveries to go! 
0.1 KC Cariappa to Kaif Ahmad, OH MY! Length delivery spun away from middle and off as Kaif down on his knee looks to heave it into the leg-side but gets beaten. DOT BALL!

Umpire's checking for the stumping and Kaif is fine!
Ritwik Roy Chowdhury, RHB, comes back, alongside Kaif Ahmed, RHB, who will keep strike. KC Cariappa, right arm orthodox has been handed the ball for the all important over!