Bogliasco 95/8 (10 ov)
Bergamo Cricket Club 87/5 (10 ov)
Bogliasco won by 8 runs.
Player of the match: Supun Manampeli
Bogliasco won this match by 8 runs!

That's it for this game everyone!! We hope that you enjoyed this live coverage between Bergamo Cricket Club and Bogliasco. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for all the live cricketing updates from around the world. This is Navjeevan Rajput and alongside me, Karthik Raj signing off till then take care and stay safe!!
Kuldip kept his side in the hut as he scored a couple of sixes in the penultimate over. 18 runs were needed from the final over, Kuldip did find a boundary but was not able to keep strike for the majority of the over as BCC loses this one by 8 runs.
The required run-rate as well started to creep up for BCC and BOG started to get a firm hold on this match. It was an uphill task for BCC batters as they needed 35 runs in 12 balls. BOG bowlers were bowling well to not allow BCC batters to hit the boundaries.
Chetan did accelerate the scoring rate as he found a couple of crucial boundaries but BCC lost the wicket of Manpreet who tried to add a boundary as well. The boundaries dried after that as BCC went on to lose Chetan as well as Sonu.
Another wicket fell for BCC right after a couple of overs as that was a spectacular take in the deep to dismiss Jaspreet. Chetan and Mandeep batting in the middle took things slowly after that as they did not want to lose any more wickets.
Baljit in the 3rd over could not contain himself and went for the big shot and lost his wicket. Another fine batter Manpreet then came out to the middle for BCC. He found a maximum straight away and kept his side in the chase.
Coming into chase just 96 runs, BCC opener Baljit once again provided a solid start for his side as he exploded at the top. He scored 16 runs right in the first over. Sachin bowling the second over kept it tight and both the batters stayed watchful.
What a fantastic game this turned out to be, BOG due to their bowling were brought back into this match. Kuldip did provide some hope towards the end for his side but it was a bit too much for him single handedly. BOG win by the thinnest of margins.
87 /5 score
cricket ball icon Madupa Fernando
9.6 Madupa Fernando to Mandeep Singh, full outside-off, Mandeep sweeps it to long-on for a single. Boliasco seal an eight-run victory!!
9.5 Madupa Fernando to Mandeep Singh, full outside-off again, Mandeep slog-sweeps but the fielder at deep mid-wicket puts in a fantastic dive and saves two runs.
9.4 Madupa Fernando to Mandeep Singh, full and quick outside-off, Mandeep goes for the slog-sweep but he misses it. 2 sixes needed in 2 balls now!!
9.3 Madupa Fernando to Kuldip Singh, full outside-off, Kuldip mis-times the lofted shot towards long-on for a single. Down to 12 runs in 3 balls!
9.2 Madupa Fernando to Kuldip Singh, full outside-off, Kuldip lifts it over extra cover for a boundary. 13 runs needed off four balls.
9.1 Madupa Fernando to Mandeep Singh, length delivery with a bit of width, Mandeep lofts it straight to long-on but the fielder drops it. Single taken. 17 runs needed in 5 balls!
Madupa Fernando comes on to bowl the final over
A couple of crucial sixes hit in that over by Kuldip to bring down the required runs to 18 for his side. This is definitely turning out to be a nail-biting contest.
78 /5 score
cricket ball icon Upul Nandana
8.6 Upul Nandana to Kuldip Singh, full delivery and the ball goes just inside the tramline as Kuldip swings and misses. 18 runs needed off the last over.
8.5 Upul Nandana to Kuldip Singh, full outside-off, Kuldip creams it way over deep extra-cover for a six!
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