89/8 (10)
BCC won by 5 wickets
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Bologna CC 93/5 (9.3) beat Trentino Aquila by 5 wickets 

Umar Gujjar 40(22) | Tasin Mostafa 21*(10)
Sadaqat Ali 2-28(2) | Muhammad Kashif 1-16(2) 

Whew! An absolute cracker of a contest and it is Mostafa who gets the job done in the end! It all boiled down to the very last over where Bologna needed 11 runs but Mostafa was as calm as ever and held his nerves to get Bologna CC over the line. 

Both sides were undefeated coming into this game and Bologna continue their unbeaten run in the Super 5 stages of the tournament. It all started with Gujjar being dropped for nought. Proved to be very costly for them as the explosive batter went on to smack a 22-ball 40. However, his wicket brought about a shift in the momentum as Trentino Aquila stages a terrific comeback.

Wickets kept tumbling and the new batters found it difficult to get going. Mustafa, who had played his fair share of deliveries to settle in, delivered the final blows when the game seemed to have titled in favour of the opposition. A nail-biter if ever there was one and Bologna will certainly celebrate this win with great pomp. 
9.3 Atif Raza to Tasin Mostafa, SIX! TASIN MOSTAFA, YOU BEAUTY, YOU'RE A HERO! Trentino Aquila thought they were in this game but Tasin Mostafa was sensational in the final over. Length delivery on the middle and leg, he goes down on one knee and DISPATCHES it to seal the game with a maximum. What thriller it turned out to be in the ned!
9.2 Atif Raza to Tasin Mostafa, FOUR MORE! Brilliant dive from the long-off fielder goes in vain, back to back boundaries for Bologna, it's their game to lose now. Low full toss on the outside off, Tasin spanks it through the extra-cover region, races to the fence.
9.1 Atif Raza to Tasin Mostafa, FOUR! Terrific hit from Tasin, that'll ease a lot of pressure off his shoulder. Length delivery on the off-stump, he goes down on one knee and thrashes it to cow corner and picks up a much needed boundary.
Terrific! Outstanding stuff from Sadaqat Ali! It was a huge gamble handing him the ball considering that he had given away 23 runs in his first but makes a cracking comeback to concede just 5 and pick up two wickets and a run-out in that over! It is all boiling down to the very last over! Strap in folks! 
Bologna need 11 runs in 6 balls
79 /5 score
cricket bat icon Tasin Mostafa
7 (7)
cricket bat icon Huzaifa Mahmood *
0 (1)
cricket ball icon Sadaqat Ali
2 /28
8.6 Sadaqat Ali to Huzaifa Mahmood, DOT BALL! That's gold dust. Short on the outside off, Mahmood has a big swipe across the line and misses. 11 needed off 6!
Hazaifa Mahmood, RHB, makes his way to the middle

The batters try to sneak in a cheeky run here and Adnan perishes in an attempt to steal the run! Trentino Aquila sniffing a win here!
8.5 Sadaqat Ali to Tasin Mostafa, OH MY! RUN-OUT! Tasin almost drags it back on, back of a length on the off-stump, Tasin goes to sweep across the line, gets the inside edge on to his pad and he takes off, the keeper was quick to get to it and darts into the stumps, replays confirming that Adnan is well short of his crease, another one bites the dust. Trentino Aquila are right back in it now! GAME ON NOW!
8.4 Sadaqat Ali to Muhammad Adnan, back of a length, rising into Adnan as he stood tall and rides the bounce around the point region for a single.
8.3 Sadaqat Ali to Muhammad Adnan, FOUR! That'll ease some nerves in the Bologna camp. Back of a length on the outside off, Adnan on the backfoot cuts it beautifully, through the backward point region and he gets off the mark with a boundary of the first ball.
Muhammad Adnan, RHB, makes his way to the middle and will face the hat-trick ball

WHEW! Had just half a metre and the fielder had to get it absolutely spot-on to pouch that. Celebrates and he has just ensured that Bologna are kept at bay! 
8.2 Sadaqat Ali to Faizan Nazar, OUT! PICKS OUT DEEP SQUARE-LEG AND GONE! Two in two for Sadaqat Ali, he's turning it on for Aquila. The fielder judges the catch to perfection, he was inches behind the ropes and then going off-balance but he doesn't, he clings on to it and Nazar departs for a golden duck. Short delivery into Nazar, he went to pull but doesn't get all of it as he's holed out.
Faizan Nazar, RHB, makes his way to the middle

It was a gamble giving Sadaqat Ali the penultimate over but he snares a wicket off the first delivery itself. Can they think about a comeback here? 
8.1 Sadaqat Ali to Malik Sarfraz, OUT! STRAIGHT TO THE MAN AT SHORT THIRD-MAN AND GONE! Short and gets big on Malik as he went to cut, top edge's it straight to the short third-man fielder who takes a dolly. Is there a twist in the tale still?
Sadaqat Ali [1-0-23-0] is back into the attack

A terrific over from Raza considering the situation of the game. Does not pick up a wicket but doesn't concede a boundary. Keeps his lines and lengths tight and allows just five singles. He will have another over while they will be hoping that the bowler bowling the penultimate over can replicate what Raza has done here.
Bologna CC need 16 runs in 2 overs at 8 RPO
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Atif Saleem Raza
7.6 Atif Raza to Malik Sarfraz, length delivery into Malik as he presses and drives it down to long-off, finishes the over with a single.
7.5 Atif Raza to Malik Sarfraz, OH! Length delivery on the outside off, Malik too early into the shot, ends up dragging it back on to his pad.