United CC Girona 125/6 (10 ov)
Catalunya Tigers CC 100/6 (10 ov)
United CC Girona won by 25 runs.
That brings an end to our coverage of this exciting ECS contest. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for live commentaries as well as the latest news. This is me, Avik Bose and my colleague, Maanas Upadhyay, signing off.  
Being sent in to BAT first, UCC batters took some time to get going. They managed 26/2 from the first 3 powerplay overs but since then, Aamar Shakoor and Muhammad Kamran dominated the bowlers. Shakoor contributed 17 but Kmaran blazed around the park with some powerful hitting and took no prisoners. He departed for 49 off just 21 balls. Sheroz Ahmed also chipped in with a useful knock of 15 from 5 balls at the very depth. From the bowling department, Kashif took 2 wickets. Haider and Aftab took 1 wicket each but were way too expensive. Razaqat Ali was economical in restricting the run feast conceding 9 runs and taking 1 wicket from his 2 overs. UCC reached 125/6 from 10 overs and were sitting on top.
Chasing a mammoth total of 126, CTT got off to a dreadful start with 11/2 from their first 3 powerplay overs. Davinder Kaur contributed a quick-fire 21 off 11 balls and Tahir Ilyas's 28 of 16 kept them in the hunt. Zulqarnain and Kashif tried to go big at the depth but Zulqarnain fell short and had to go back after scoring 18 off 12 balls. And from then on, it was a mere formality to see out the remaining overs. From the bowling department, Shafaat Ali took 2 wickets while Faisal Hussain, Kamran, and Safdar Khan struck a blow each. CTT fought hard but fell short by some margin and finished on 100/6 from their 10 overs.

UCC thus complete a resounding performance and win the match by a comfortable margin of 25 runs while recording their 3rd victory of the tournament.
End of the innings
CTT 100/6 from 10 overs

UCC win the match by 25 runs
9.6 S Ahmed to S Samshad, no run, yorker on the leg stump, the batsman gets the inside edge towards the keeper, who collects it in a flash and prevents any run from being conceded. That will wrap up proceedings here as the United CC Girona beat the Catalunya Tigers CC by 25 runs!
9.5 S Ahmed to S Samshad, no run, length ball on the leg stump, the batsman pulls that straight to the fielder at deep square leg. The batsman refuses the single.
9.4 S Ahmed to M Kashif, full ball on the leg stump pushed to mid on for a single. 
9.4 S Ahmed to M Kashif, NO BALL! Yet another no ball as the bowlers sprays a wide one outside the pitch. 
9.4 S Ahmed to M Kashif, NO BALL! Length ball that is pitched on the grass outside the pitch. 
9.3 S Ahmed to M Kashif, no run, full ball outside off swinging in, the batsman is able to connect with the attempted heave
9.2 S Ahmed to S Samshad, full ball outside off, the batsman chips that to cover for a single. 
9.1 S Ahmed to M Kashif, length ball on the off stump, the batsman slaps that down to long on for a single. 30 needed from 5 balls. 5 Sixes?
End of the penultimate over
CTT 95/6
Extras Given : 14
31 runs needed from 6 balls
8.6 M Kamran to M Kashif, full ball outside off, the batsman drives that uppishly to sweeper cover for a single. A brilliant over by Kamran!
8.5 M Kamran to S Samshad, short ball on the body, the batsman moves away and dabs that down to point for a single. 
8.4 M Kamran to M Kashif, full ball outside off, the batsman digs that out towards point for a quick single. 
8.3 M Kamran to S Samshad, length ball on the body edged to deep square leg for a single. 
8.2 M Kamran to M Kashif, full ball on the off stump chipped to mid off for a single. 
8.1 M Kamran to Z Haider, OUT! RUN-OUT! short ball on the body, the batsman mistimes the pull towards mid-wicket. The batsmen take off for the single while the bowler collects the ball and fires in a rocket throw straight onto the stumps! Haider has to depart!
At the end of the 8th over
CTT 90/5
Aziz Mohammad concedes 37 runs from his 2 overs and it is GAME ON now!
36 runs needed from 12 balls
7.6 A Mohammad to M Kashif, SIX! The batsman has made full use of the free hit! Full ball on the pads, the batsman flicks that for a huge maximum over mid-wicket! CTT are right back into this contest!
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