Central Castries 126/6 (10 ov)
Central Castries won by 61 runs.
A magnificent victory for the Central Castries as they march into the semi finals of the St Lucia T-10 blast. Chasing 127 wasn't the easiest task for the Vieux Fort North Raiders but the way they approached the target was really disappointing. Their batsman lacked capabilities and kept on swinging without any thought. To be fair, they were no match to their opponents who were magnificent in all three departments. D John was the pick of the bowlers for Heritages with scintillating figures of 2-6 in 2 overs but the man of the moment will definitely be Alleyn Prospere who had a rollicking all round game. 
That's it for today, do join us tomorrow for at 10 PM IST for the all important semi final. Here's me, Faham Haider signing off along with Dwijesh Reddy. Take care!
Vieux Fort North Riders: 65/5 at the end of innings. That's it CCMH win by 61 runs
9.6 Alvin Prospere to Garvey Mitchell, Mitchell misses a wide ball outside off and scampers for a bye but it is all over in St Lucia. The Central Castries decimate Vieux Fort by 61 runs to enter the semi-finals!
9.5 Alvin Prospere to Evanus Sexius, WICKET! Alvin gets a wicket to his name as he bowls another good length ball, which Sexius has a go at. He gets a top edge, which goes only as far as the keeper. 
9.5 Alvin Prospere to Evanus Sexius, wide over the batsman's head! 
9.4 Alvin Prospere to Evanus Sexius, FOUR! Another four for Sexius, who blasts a full ball on leg stump towards long-off.
9.3 Alvin Prospere to Evanus Sexius, FOUR! This time Alvin bowls it in the slot and Sexius slogs that one towards the leg-side for a four!
9.2 Alvin Prospere to Evanus Sexius, nice delivery from Alvin, who bowls a full ball on to his pads, beats Sexius comprehensively
9.1 Alvin Prospere to Curtly Johnny, full ball on to the stumps, Johnny lobs it straight down the ground for a run
9.1 Alvin Prospere to Curtly Johnny, well wide on the leg side, could've been five wides but a great diving stop from the keeper
Vieux Fort North Riders: 52/4 after 9 overs. 74 required off the last over.
8.6 Jaden Elibox to Curtly Johnny, IN THE AIR BUT JUST SHORT! Johnny looks to slog a full ball over long-off but doesn't get the timing right! Only a run there
8.5 Jaden Elibox to Evanus Sexius, short ball on middle stump, Sexius plays it awkwardly to midwicket for a run
8.4 Jaden Elibox to Evanus Sexius, fuller and bowled wide on this occasion, Sexius fails to make contact
8.3 Jaden Elibox to Curtly Johnny, length ball on off-stump, Johnny hits to the off-side for a single
8.2 Jaden Elibox to Curtly Johnny, RUN-OUT! Johnny mistimes a slog towards midwicket and calls for a two. But a mix-up between the batsmen allows the fielder to take his time and return the ball to the bowler to inflict a runout!
8.1 Jaden Elibox to Jevin Isidore, short and wide from Elibox, Isidore slaps it to extra cover for a run
Vieux Fort North Riders: 48/3 after 8 overs. Big over but too late in the innings to have an impact. Something to cheer for the fans though. 79 required of 12 balls
7.6 Alvin Prospere to Curtly Johnny, full ball on a fifth stump line there and driven by Johnny to the left of the long-off fielder. The batsmen come around for a brace
7.5 Alvin Prospere to Curtly Johnny, Alvin bowls this one full and wide outside off and beats Johnny's awkward looking hoick
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