134/6 (10)
99/6 (10)
DG won by 35 runs.
Player of the match: Nicholas Pooran
Thank you for joining us- Mohul Bhowmick, Pradeep and Pratyush Rohra for this exciting game in the Abu Dhabi T10 competition! We hope you enjoyed it. Until next time, goodbye! 
Nicholas Pooran has been adjudged the Player of the Match! Here's what he has to say: I wouldn't say that, we spoke about it in the team meeting, we take game by game, I don't think it's any pressure.Just striking the ball in the T10 game, it's also about consolidating and just need to express ourselves and just enjoy. Everyone's contributions are important, bowlers executed their plans very well, Shamsi, Josh, everyone did their bit. 
Tabraiz Shamsi: (About the pressure being the defending champions) Don't think so, it gives us the confidence, we're a good team, we try to win every game we possibly can. Really happy with that wicket, you always look to put in good performance, it's the guys who batted before us along with other guys and happy to contribute. Just going to be a rest day, just a bit of training and back in the mix.
Deccan Gladiators beat Team Abu Dhabi by 35 runs!

Nicholas Pooran 77 (33) | Tom Helm 2/11
James Vince 37 (19) | Peter Hatzioglou 2/12

The game was always going to be beyond the reach of Team Abu Dhabi, but they tried their best to make sure that they went until the end. In the end, they fell short by a significant margin, and this was due to the fact that their star players Alex Hales and James Vince got good starts but could not convert that into big scores. The Gladiators will be patting themselves on the back for such a comprehensive performance, but even for them, it was not all plain sailing at all times. 

They were stuttering in the middle of their innings when leggie Peter Hatzoglou came in, but it was thanks to the stupendous efforts from skipper and wicketkeeper batter Nicholas Pooran that they were able to set Team Abu Dhabi this target of 135. Their bowlers, led by Zahoor Khan and Peter Helm did really well. This victory will give the Deccan Gladiators a big boost of confidence.
99 /6 score
cricket bat icon Fabian Allen
26 (13)
cricket bat icon Peter Hatzoglou *
4 (2)
cricket ball icon Tom Helm
2 /11
9.6 Tom Helm to Peter Hatzoglou, FOUR! THAT'S IT! Deccan Gladiators thump Team Abu Dhabi in their first game of the season. Full on the off-stump, Hatzoglou backed away and drilled it past the diving mid-off to his left, runs away and picks out the ropes but it doesn't matter.
9.5 Tom Helm to Peter Hatzoglou, brilliant change of pace, Hatzoglou has a big swing early into it and misses, through to the keeper.
Peter Hatzoglou, RHB, is the new man in.
9.4 Tom Helm to Andrew Tye, OUT! HOLES OUT AT LONG-ON AND GONE! Length delivery on the middle and leg, Tye smacked it straight down the throat of long-on fielder and perishes.

Andrew Tye c Tom Kohler-Cadmore b Helm 1 (5b 0x4 0x6)
9.3 Tom Helm to Andrew Tye, clever change of pace, Tye can't get it away at all, back of a length into him as he was too early to help it down to fine-leg and misses.
9.2 Tom Helm to Andrew Tye, length delivery, just outside the off-stump as Tye crunches it straight to Raina at extra-cover, takes off for a single but was sent back and Raina fires throw to the keeper's end and misses.
9.1 Tom Helm to Andrew Tye, back of a length on the fourth stump, Tye looking to run it down but ends up chopping it to the off-side for no run.
Just ten runs off this over.
95 /5 score
cricket bat icon Fabian Allen *
26 (13)
cricket bat icon Andrew Tye
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Zahoor Khan
2 /21
8.6 Zahoor Khan to Fabian Allen, OH! Good finish to the over for Zahoor. Short into Allen, swivels to pull but gets beaten by pace, through to the keeper.
8.5 Zahoor Khan to Fabian Allen, FOUR MORE! Too little too late this. Slower one, was too short on the fifth stump, Allen picks it up as he waits and smashes it to deep mid-wicket for back to back boundaries.
8.4 Zahoor Khan to Fabian Allen, FOUR! SHOT! No need to run for those. Full and straight, Allen right behind the line and absolutely smashed it straight back past the bowler for a boundary.
8.3 Zahoor Khan to Andrew Tye, yorker length on the off-stump, Tye stood tall and carved it through cover point for a single.
Andrew Tye, RHB, is the new batter.
8.2 Zahoor Khan to Abid Ali, OUT! MILES UP IN THE AIR AND TAKEN! Too much elevation and no distance at all for Abid. Picks up the slower one nicely but has launched it into the night sky and the long-on fielder settles under it to take a safe catch.